How Running a Restaurant is a Tough Business

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The food industry is expanding in India by leaps and bounds. Every day several restaurants and cafes are opening trying to provide something new and different to the customers.
  • Shahram Warsi
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People have now understood the scope they have for sustaining their business in the food industry. But they usually undermine the level of competitions and various details that they have to perfect in order to mark their presence in the food industry.

Most of the people have thought of coming up with their own venture at least once in their life. But as we know it’s easier said than done. Running one’s own restaurant is a tough business with several challenges tagging along. With the customer’s expectation changing and the introduction of new technologies, things have become more difficult for the restaurateurs in order to survive in the market while promoting their brand.

But by understanding the following challenges, things can work in their favor marking their brands' presence in the market.

The Menu

One of the common problems that a restaurant faces is the menu. Menu designing is said to be a balancing act. Having too many dishes on the menu or overpricing your dishes can act against your brand. The owner should keep the menu size in check. They should consider offering quality over quantity. “A menu is something which I consider as a soul of a restaurant. We gave a lot of time while designing our menu which would be easy to read and understand so that our customer can order their preferred dishes without getting confused,” says Sandeep Tandon, owner of Shikhara Fine Dining Restaurant.

Customer Service

Customer service is yet another challenge which the restaurateur faces. It is said that your food may be outstanding and delicious, but if your service is bad then you are sure to lose your customers. With growing digitalisation, people prefer to read reviews of your restraint prior to their visit. “We train and educate our staffs before they are present in front of our customers. They should be serving happiness along with the cuisines which a customer demands.  In our absence, the venue is known by the staff and food served. We provide a family environment to our staffs so that they love what they are doing,” shares Rohan Saraf, Owner, Roadhouse Café.


Management can be referred as one of the most crucial aspect of a business. Analyzing your business is one important thing for running your venture. Most of the startups lack in this area.  In spite of having great ideas, the restaurants fail due to the absence of a strong management team.

Hiring and Staff Management

It is really very important to hire and train the suitable candidates for your restaurant. Being the face of your brand, your staff can make or break your brand reputation. Training and educating them right followed by keeping them enthusiastic and motivated can certainly help a restaurant overcome this hurdle.    


This is a segment where many restaurateurs run into a big problem. Capital can be referred as the foundation of a restaurant without which several problems and challenges can creep up. Restaurant owners need a good capital and financial support to run their venture smoothly. Once again, proper and efficient financial management plays a crucial role in running a restaurant.        

Keeping all these points in mind can certainly help restaurateurs build and sustain their brand in the market.

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