How Inventive Ways Are Necessity For QSRs To Steer Their Sales

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Restaurants are coming up with various innovative ideas and concepts in order to attain customers for their brands.
  • Shahram Warsi
Restaurant India

QSR's are slowly stretching their reach to cope up with the current food market trend. Restaurateurs have understood the fact that only happy customers can help them  to sustain in this rapidly increasing food market.

QSR industry is expected to grow even more in the upcoming time. With various food trends making a buzz in the market, customer’s expectations towards their brands are also changing. That is how QSRs are coming up with many new concepts towards providing a better experience to their customers apart from just the food.

Customers these days are tech-friendly providing a lot of opportunities for the restaurateurs to make an impact for their brand. Restaurateurs are opting for every possible way which can help them in attaining and sustaining customers for a long run. Here are 3 innovative ways which can certainly help in attaining the desired customers.

Offer something free to the customers

Offering something free is one trick which can help in gaining customers along with contributing to the business. Many ventures in the local food market have already adopted this concept and are doing really good. Many brands started this concept as a short-term plan but ended up on making it a long-term plan. “We are trying to give complimentary items to our customers on almost every bulk order. We love something which comes for free and that is where I am trying to play for my brand. There is an increase in the number of our customers since the time we have come up with this concept,” says Vikas Bhalla, Owner, Piccolicko.

Creating sensation on the social media platforms

With advancing  technology, on can very easily create a sensation and attract customers to the venture.Restaurateurs are using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for creating buzz among the people. An eye-catching beverage, dessert or other dish can do the trick for the restaurants (who are a foodie follower). Restaurants are even paying more attention towards designing their ambiance and dining areas to make them  more scenic. “I have personally spent a lot of time designing the interiors of my restaurant. I wanted it to be unique and different at least in the area where I live. That is how I came up with the idea of designing it as a spaceship in order to create curiosity among people,” shares Vinit Ghelani, Owner of Udan Khatola.

Cash into the loyal customers

 Those   pre-existing under your loyal customers tag are already the biggest lover of your food and location. Cashing in the usage of points facility to the exclusive promotions and various other benefits for these loyal customers can eventually work for the venture even more. Providing them with more of these facilities will make them come to the restaurant more often.

Following these 3 tricks can eventually help in creating one’s brand presence in the market along with making customers for the brand.


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