How Food Festivals Help Hotel Business Grow

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The food festivals allow the Chefs to be innovative in their offerings as they experiment with different themes.
  • Manouj Kaushik
Restaurant India

If one analyses mankind’s evolution over the ages, a common denominator to examine it is the evolution of the food they ate. From raw shrubs and uncooked meat, we have progressed to complex and intricate delicacies which wrap up multiple flavours from different ends of the spectrum, matched to perfection.

The quest for good food has driven man to places unfathomed before and this love for food is of paramount importance to the survival and progress of mankind. Even in today’s time and age where people hardly get time to relax, the desire to try some new lip-smacking delicacies is an aspiration which is overpowering and never ceases to exist. However, the challenge is to find a place which can fulfil all your heart’s desires when it comes to good food, that itch to try out new, exotic delicacies every time you decide to eat out.

Restaurant brands have always had this uncanny ability to identify and service the desires of their patrons even before they spell them out. The endeavor to offer an unparalleled experience is what really drives the hotel and the restaurant industry. This zeal extends to the kitchen of the hotel, where the Chefs are always driven by the motivation to outdo themselves and enamored by the thought of offering an exclusive and unmatched gastronomical experience to their patrons. While delectable delights in the sumptuous and expansive menus of the multiple outlets at the hotel are unmatched in variety and quality, they can well be refreshed from time to time. So, looking to play up with the offerings and serve something outside the routine which is exclusive and exquisite, the Chefs have found an ally which allows them to charm their patrons with the magic that only food possesses. This ally or friend is none other than ‘Food Festival’, the much-celebrated gastronomical event which the hotel and restaurant organises frequently but in a new ‘avatar’ every time.

The food festivals allow the Chefs to be innovative in their offerings as they experiment with different themes and cuisines to come up with a new and exclusive menu for each such festival. These food festivals, with their promise of offering a different cuisine every time, cater to the varied tastes of the patrons, thus helping the hotel build a strong patronage. As a result, the guests come back again and again to take pleasure in these feasts. This increased footfall helps bring more revenues.

The food festivals, apart from highlighting the culinary expertise of a restaurant, hold more significance for 5-star hotels and resorts as they help in marketing other facilities of the hotel apart from just food. Such food promotions are used as a marketing tool to keeps your hotel or restaurant on top of a customer’s mental and emotional recall, thus enabling that hotel or restaurant to become a vibrant food and beverage destination in the city while also using patrons’ visits as an opportunity to highlight other offerings of the hotel.

Talking of JW Marriott Chandigarh, the hotel has been witnessing over a period of time that these food festivals abet the overall revenue for the month and are profitable, given the investment. The footfall during food promotional events appreciates considerably. The targeted profitability of such food promotions is 52-58%, which has been achieved in almost all the cases. These festivals not only enable a specific outlet to generate revenue but also help in showcasing other facilities of the hotel such as confectionary shops, spa, sister outlets and so on. The mantra for any hotel or restaurant for getting consistent business is to reach out to maximum people and get them to experience the hotel offerings since this is the time when you can provide the best of services and win loyal customers, which augurs well for your business in the long term.

Though food festivals are revenue-centric and organised to add to incomes, they also enable the chefs and culinary staff to explore more ideas and experiment with unusual cuisines which are not found on the regular menu.

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