How Colorful Cuisines are Marking Their Presence in Food Industry

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A color trend that has taken the internet by storm is now expanding and is making inroad into the food industry.
  • Shahram Warsi
Restaurant India

Colorful platters have been introduced into the food market, grabbing the attention of many people around the country. The display cases of pastry shops are now getting filled with the differently colored desserts which are grabbing eyeballs of many people.

Everything needs a little bit of glitter to make it attractive and beautiful. The same stands for the desserts, after all we eat with our eyes too. Before even tasting the item, we somewhere make our conclusion about the product from the appearance it is having. The particular segment is trying to grab the public eyeballs creating a sense of curiosity for their products.

Colors have always attracted people of every age group. But the color mania is now stepping into the food industry offering varieties of colorful desserts to the people. This trend earlier started with cakes, pastries, ice creams and other desserts which have now spread into the traditional dishes. Dimsum and sushi followed by other dishes and shakes are making a striking shade with colors while getting served.

“Colors are something which is liked and appreciated by people of every age group. Whether he is a child or an old aged man, the fascinating colors will grab their attention. Food industry is now trying to do the same while serving food to the customers. Colorful pastries, cakes, and ice creams are very common example which can be seen in day to day life,” says Gaurav Wadhwa, owner of Theos.

Brands playing with colors

Serving colorful dishes was a concept which was adapted from America. It Happened In New York was the first restaurant in Mumbai which came up with this concept at a national level. The real beauty of this trend is that it has the capability of fitting into the ever-changing culture of changing food.

4700 BC, a brand which is famous for their gourmet popcorn recently also launched a Magical Rainbow Potpourri flavor which is brightly colored and comes in different flavors. The potpourri popcorn comes in three flavors- strawberry, kiwi, and mango. “Rainbow popcorn are very popular during the festive season of Holi,” says Rishabh Malhotra, Marketing Manager of 4700 BC.

The trend has just started reforming and is expected to get transformed into a big one which would soon be the talk of the town. “Color palettes are still happening at a low level but its quiet measurable. Keeping the youths in mind, this trend will be reaching another level very soon where we can see various kind of food and desserts wrapped in different colors,” speaks Sneha Singhi, owner of Paris café. She further adds, “Even we have started catering few desserts which are inspired by this trend and are surprised to see customers ordering them. This hence proves that there is market for colorful palates in Indian market.”  

With the trend spreading across various cities, people are getting more aware about these colorful food trends which has extended its reach. Earlier people can relate colors only with paintings, clothes and similar things. But the food industry adopting the color trend has certainly brought everyone on their toes.

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