How Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has Mastered the Art of Indian Cuisine

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In an interview with Restaurant India Sanjeev Kapoor unfolds some culinary tales.
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Entrepreneurship isn’t something you can plan. Sanjeev Kapoor is one of those chefs who have paved the way for Indian cuisine globally. Since the beginning of his career he has always found himself drawn to the path less travelled. “When the crowd goes one way, I go the other,” expresses the Padma Shri awardee who has made the Guinness Record of making Indian Super Food Khichdi recently at World Food India. When he started his TV channel FoodFood, he didn’t realise that he was the first chef in the world to own a 24/7 channel dedicated to food and lifestyle. “For me entrepreneurship is all about thinking out of the box, taking the right kind of risks and trusting your instincts,” points Chef Kapoor.

Standing Ahead of Time

Entrepreneurship is equated with common sense. Chef Kapoor constantly travel, learning new things every day and always has an open mind, staying ahead of times and making a place for him in a space before the crowds start getting drawn to it. Being a big fan of gadgets and technology, he experimented his hand way ahead with which was one of the first websites when the dotcom boom hit India. “When it comes to food, thinking ahead comes naturally to me,” lauds the Masterchef.

Overcoming Hurdles

Challenges are the norm, a part and parcel of every venture. You face them and convert them into an opportunity or you can sit back and whine about them – “I always go with the former,” laughs Chef Kapoor who constantly looks at new things to do, unless it is challenging it won’t excite him. For most entrepreneurs the challenge is either in garnering capital or finding new avenues of business. “In my case new avenues kept opening at the right time and money followed the work. Let me just say God has been kind,” smiles the proud chef.

Ruling the Food World

Considering himself an artist, Sanjeev Kapoor has always enjoyed being in the kitchen where he paints the ideas and formulate it into the business. “When I started doing KhanaKhazana, I had no idea that it would become so big,” remembers Chef Kapoor, adding that the success of the show unknowingly bought brand Sanjeev Kapoor into existence. 25 years down the line and there is no looking back.  Today, he proudly owns 63 operational restaurants under seven brands across nine countries. He owns, Wonderchef- a premium cookware and appliances brand that empowers women by making them self-sufficient, has authored more than 200 titles in 7 languages and has a wide digital presence.

“Every time a Sanjeev Kapoor recipe is prepared in a household, be it in any remote corner of the world and it puts a smile on the diners face – I personally take pride in it,” smiles Chef Kapoor who has 5.3 million fans and growing.

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