How Bars And Clubs Are Widening Faster Than Cafes in India

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The beverage industry is growing since the people show their interest towards this section of our F&B industry.
  • Shahram Warsi
Restaurant India

India has recently seen a lot of bars and pubs coming up. It is basically because of the rising IT and BPO sector of our country. The disposable income that the younger generation is investing has been one prime reason behind the popularization of the bars and pubs in our country.

The beverage industry is growing since the people show their interest towards this section of our F&B industry. With continuous innovations and creations, these things help to boost restaurant industry in both value and volume. In the current time, India’s beer consumption stands at a mere 1.5 litre per person as compared to the average value of 22 litre which the world is consuming.

With changing time and trends, customers now prefer to dine at a place serving both great food and alcohol. Bar has come out with a concept which transforms the ambiance of a restaurant making in a social place. With small palates trending, people now prefer to try small tapas styled dishes with alcohols like wine, whiskey, cocktail or mocktails.

“Cafes, bars, and pubs have become a common place for people who want to enjoy a social life having random and intentional communication with people,” says Saurav Bhattacharya, Owner, Hilly Billy Café.

Showcasing of the full fledged bar presence increases the ambiance of a particular venture. This concept is usually attracting the crowd between the age 20-40 years who most likely to enjoy the concept. This segment has certainly provided opportunities to the people and larger beverage brands interested in making a career in this field.

“The specialty of our restaurant is the collection of mocktails. We try to keep reinventing with the beverage menu so that the customers get something new every time they visit our venture. Recently we introduced the beer-tail concept which is being loved by most of the local people of Pune,” shares Kaustubh Naik of Retox.

The marketing approaches and advertisements have certainly reshaped the image of the beverage industry in our country. The drinking behavior is constantly changing when it’s about the youth of our country. Also with the modernization, our country is witnessing, people are getting inclined towards the western culture to keep themselves updated. This is something which is providing lots of opportunities for the bars and pubs which are there in the current time in the food industry.

Bars and pubs have recorded a combination growth of approximately 23 per cent against 20 per cent in cafes in between the year 2015-17. Also vast numbers of breweries and microbreweries have opened in the market which clearly states the love and demand for the beverages in our country.             

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