HR Practices that can Work your Restaurant

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No restaurant can become excellent without excellent contribution from employees. Such excellence is brought out by excellent HR practices.
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To create a lively environment in your restaurant, you must focus on certain HR practices. Five categories of HR best practices which need to be followed in your restaurant are:

·         Leadership development practices: You need to ensure that you develop future leaders with essential skills and competencies. You need to also ensure that the pipeline of future leaders remains full. This approach comprises the development needs of employees and managers and making every employee of your restaurant eligible for eventual consideration as general manager.

·         Training and knowledge or skill building practices: This practice is crucial for your restaurant. You need to develop innovative ways that promote understanding, enhance staff communication and self-esteem. Talking to your people, making them aware about the type of work they tend to do and making them understand the reason for your restaurant business can help building a bridge between the employer and the employee. This kind of approach from your end will help in reducing conflicts as well.

·         Employee empowerment practices: The driving force behind this practice is enhancing customer service and motivating employees to perform their jobs and work with each other in your restaurant. This will not only boost guest service but also employee retention in your restaurant because people always like to work in a good environment rather than working under pressure. In the competitive restaurant market customer satisfaction is as a key differentiator and increasingly becomes a key element of business strategy.

·         Employee recognition practices: The man focus of this practice is compensation. Compensation is a key component of successful performance improvements in your restaurant. Adding variable pay that depends on their performance in your restaurant or giving a monthly incentive to your employee who has worked enthusiastically for whole of the month and has helped attract customer towards your restaurant are the best ways to reward performing employees. This boosts the energy of the worker and makes him work efficiently.

·         Cost management practices: This practice focuses on cost-efficient hr practices to be involved in your restaurant. Gone are the days when people are confined to newspapers and magazines for advertisement; now the world is becoming more and more tech savvy. Restaurants like MC Donald’s and KFC have utilised these theories to get themselves established in the restaurant business.


Human Resource Management is a constant and productive approach in management of the employee relation who are the base of the restaurant business. 

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