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In conversation with Restaurant India, Apurva Salarpuria, Executive Director, Salarpuria Group and Owner of Studio talks about a unique concept set in a market that is ‘Pan-Asian’.
  • Joyshree Saha Feature Writer
Restaurant India

Studio has been conceptualised as a venue with a vibrant attitude designed to draw eyeballs and create a desirable effect where guests ‘want to be seen’. The dining experience begins with tapas-style mini-eats and fusion cocktails served in an informal setting with the accompaniment of a live DJ mixing youthful music. A modern prismatic display kitchen and Japanese minimalistic chic coupled with elegant décor sets the tone for evening. The destination seeks to create a niche market for itself not only among the sushi and sashimi lovers but also the high spending vegetarian population of Kolkata. The aim is to keep up the tempo by mixing events, cuisines and music to create an experience best described as ‘gourmet theatre from another stratosphere’.

Tell us about your journey to become an entrepreneur?

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and doing business was always on my mind. However, I wanted to move beyond the family business of real estate and do something in the hospitality space.

What are the types of cuisines served at your restaurant?

Studio serves tapas-style Pan-Asian inspired starters, soups, main course and desserts with accompanying cocktails, mocktails and alcohol.

Who are your target customers? Do you see any threat from any of the brands?

Target customers are primary clientele with age of 26-55 years, local residents in surrounding high-rises and nearby corporate, upper middle class millennials and DINK’s, corporate – individual and groups and club culture society.  Studio is unique as a concept, located beside the IT and new commercial hub of Eastern India in New Town, Kolkata. Its location and product placement are what make it inimitable and exceptional.

What are the design elements you kept in mind while designing the restaurant?

Studio’s décor is contemporary and Japanese minimalistic chic, comprises a private dining area, a prismatic show kitchen, a view of the verdant poolside and multi-level lighting.

What is your current and target revenue for this fiscal?

We feel that we have created a product, which was missing in Kolkata F&B scene. Target for the year is to achieve above 90 per cent guest satisfaction. Revenues will follow accordingly.

What is your expansion plan?

We are looking to open more F&b outlets in the next 18-24 months.


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