Go, healthy and fresh with 'On-The-Go'

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In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Marco Crisanto talks about his stint in restaurant biz and then opening one in India.
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Restaurant India

Marco Crisanto beganhis journey in Cusco when he joined hospitality industry such as discotheques, restaurants, lounges, etc. he had the opportunity to start his first business with his partner, wife and that’s when the tearooms lounge was born. As he was always interested and enjoyed forming new concepts and ideas, they made a decision to sell the restaurant and concept and moved from Peru to India. 

And, as they were looking for a scenery change his wife being of Indian origin suggested that they take a trip to see what prospects and opportunities would arise after looking at the market here. After visiting a few places they settled on moving to Goa and established that the fast food market could use something like an “On the go” concept. Goa’s fast food market is predominantly based on Indian fast food. And, identifying the gap in the market for a more modern and fresh outlook such as fresh sandwiches, snacks and iced teas, made with fresh and healthy ingredients on a daily basis, On the Go was born. As this store is the first store of the brand. What is the design element incorporated and what is the average store size? We wanted to create a fresh, urban and appealing design to the store that also went with attributes of the products we served. The store was designed in a way so that customers could come in and immediately look at their choices, order take-away or just sit down and relish it at our store. We also have a display of knick knacks, posters and other fun artifacts that suits the brand we are trying to create. The average store size is 32m square in the form of an L – shape What are the challenges with growing your business in city like Goa? I think the biggest challenge so far has been in trying to get local clientele here to understand the concept. While it is very popular and familiar to foreigners, people here get very surprised with our concept It has taken some time, but the quality, freshness and affordability of our products have successfully helped us in building our local customers. Can you tell us more about your business operations from the standpoint of Loyalty Program, technology hardware & software), raw material sourcing and talent recruitment & training? We offer our customers Free Loyalty Cards that enables them to have their cards stamped and get their 10th sandwich free of cost. Our staff here is well trained and friendly, able to cater to our diversity of customers. As you are serving the freshest concept, how is the response so far?

We’ve had a great response from our clientele so far. Clients are impressed at the standard, quality and value for money our products offer but most of all the great flavor and satisfaction they get from visiting On the Go. People get very surprised to find this kind of concept in Goa, especially foreigner’s as it’s a concept that’s familiar to them. As for our well travelled domestic clients, they’re always suggesting and recommending to us that we should setup a place like ours in their cities and tell us of how popular it would be if we were to do so.

Do you have a growth targets for the next few years and can you reveal any strategy for how you intend to achieve this?

We do have plans in the pipeline, however we are not able to disclose any information as of yet. Our prime objective at present is to get maximum brand recognition in order to implement our future growth targets and have “On the Go” brand established across India

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Go, healthy and fresh with ‘On-The-Go’
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