Glutme invites foodies for home food

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Launching one of its kind digital global platforms for home chefs in India, is beginning its operations from Mumbai in March this year. Before the launch Nimeshh Pilla, Founder, GlutMe unveiled the future strategies to Restaurant India.
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Restaurant India

What inspired you to come up with the global platform for home chefs?

When I was alone and hungry, living in Mumbai, I use to miss home food. I was getting bored of eating alone. I use to go to restaurants alone and that too not every day. Moreover I always felt that there are people who deserve a better platform to have food.  There is a lot more contribution that mothers’ can give in than just watching Saas bahu serials. Idea is to give all potential food lovers, who can display their creativity of preparing amazing you give them the platform, that push and then they do it for the love of it. There will be two kinds of people one is cooking and other is eating. 

Please tell us about Glutme?

Glutme is the global platform, essentially a place where we allow home chefs to register and convert their own kitchens into a micro restaurant.  They can invite people for food, can deliver from home and can have pickups at places where we can’t offer delivery.

We are just a platform, it is your (home chef) and it is somebody else who desires to have that food. We are not controlling anything as far as kitchen is concerned. The kitchen partner is the most powerful person on this platform. Glutme is also a platform where people can showcase their talent of food. We are a listing platform. May be a home chef is not a good chef, but a good host; he/she may love to meet people, have food talks, and can rejoice around food. I think food is one of the elements that assist to mingle, interact and express with people and understand their culture.

Are there any criteria for the order to be placed on your platform?

We are not going to be committed about creating orders for a particular quantity of food. You (home chef) just start your restaurant in your own way and we will just enable. We will verify, we will authenticate, we will even train you, there will be training sessions where we will be interacting with the home chef community, and we will give them certain set of guidance and confidence so we will just give them the direction. It is completely home chef’s view about whom to accept, whom to call, whom to have food with, what to cook and how much it should be priced. It is completely their view.

Why do you think that home chef will really get inspired to list them on your platform?

We are giving them the power. We have simplified the platform by taking care of payment gateways and ensuring hassle free technicalities. And, apart from the motive of earning money, we believe in the taste of food, we believe in the fact that the food has a creator and a creator needs to be acknowledged

When and where are you going to launch this platform?

It will be launched in March this year in Mumbai. It is just something that we are experimenting, going out, talking to people. We are starting with Mumbai because the city has many social elements than any other city. People in Mumbai are very transparent.

Presently we have 70 to 80 home chefs listed in Mumbai.

What are your future plans?

First we are starting from Mumbai, then we will be launching in south Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore. Within a year we are planning to start our operations across all major cities in India. We want to be in at least 8 cites in India. Internationally we are looking at Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand and may be two or three cities in South East Asia. Basically, we are looking at cities with cosmopolitan culture, where people come from different background and there is mix of cultures.

What is the investment you have done so far?

We have invested about Rs 30 lakhs initially raised through private investor. In the next round of funding, we are aiming to raise $ 1mn this year from seed fund.

Initially, we are not looking at profits from this platform. Our priority for the next two years is to get maximum amount of people on our platform from both food and kitchen side.

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Glutme invites foodies for home food
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