Get Pranked at This Restaurant in Gurgaon

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The menu is non-conformist and quirky, carrying dishes that make it a delight for food lovers.
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Prankster fame Inderjeet Singh Banga launches India's first playful Brasserie, PraPra Prank in Gurgaon. Located at CyberHub the restaurant is more than an epicurean sanctuary.

The bar also portrays the concept of visual merchandising for the first time in India through the charming merchandise window displays which will instantly transport the customers to a quaint brasserie in a small town in Europe. 

The menu is non-conformist and quirky, serving dishes that make it a delight for food lovers seeking comfort to gourmands. It also has a  huge selection of Modern Indian and Asian plates with exciting flavours debuting. The food menu caters to the palate of the comfort seeker and the gourmand, alike.

Taking familiar flavours and giving them an unconventional and playful twist for diners who are increasingly looking for food that surprises, comforts and satiates, is a hallmark of the #PraPraPrank menu. Chefs Kaustubh Haldipur (an Asian cuisine maestro) and Harangad Singh (the Singh is king of Indian cuisine) along with their team hope to delight diners with dishes they have created and tried to master.

The place also is host to unique cocktails with unique ingredients, introducing a concept like Gin not Gin (GIN COCKTAILS MADE WITH VODKA).  Additionally, the bar also boasts an intimate live music venue and aims to program a wide variety of quality events ranging the gamut from saxophone and the works.

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