Garam Dharam now on plate!

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In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Dharmendra shares the idea of entering into restaurant business.
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Bollywood veteran Dharmendra is everybody’s favourite and has been ruling heart since his young days, his movies, dialogues, songs are legendary, keeping this in mind Umang Tewari, Partner, Garam Dharam Te Dhaba thought of giving the city its first restaurants inspired by the actor. 


How and what made you to open a restaurant of yours?

I never thought of entering into restaurant business. I was very apprehensive before launching –Garam Dharam Dhaba Te Theka as I am an actor and I don’t know any other thing other than acting as I am unaware about the art of doing business but Mickey and Umang and their love for me made me enter into this business.

How the idea of naming it Garam Dharam was born?

We wanted to give it a name for which people have known me for ages and showered their love on me.  Hence, Garam Dharam was named to give recognition and recall to my celebrity stretcher, on this Mickey conceptualised the Dhaba look for the restaurant, while Umang came up with an innovative idea of clubbing  it with a ‘Theka’ or Bar to suffice the purpose.

What is your contribution in opening this restaurant?

I have asked them not to compromise on the quality of food being served.  I have given inputs on interiors, the menu, and the food.

Why did you choose to give it a ‘Dhaba’ look?

I get tired in etiquette and that’s why I wanted to give it a Dhaba look so that one can relax and eat their food in the manner they want to.

What is your favourite dish?

My favourite dish is Biryani, and anything cooked nicely and with love for ex: daal sabji etc.

What is the first thing that you want to eat when you are here in Delhi?

I look for milk from villages near to Delhi because I love the packet milk sold here. I never slept without drinking milk in my life.

What is one particular dish that you would like to recommend to your customers visiting the restaurant?

I would love everybody to taste the Shaljam Gosht being served here as this is a personal favourite.

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Garam Dharam now on plate!
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