Freshler - Not just selling food but an experience

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In conversation with Restaurant India, Razat Choudhary, Cofounder, Freshler shares how this ideawas brought to life.
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Based in Gurgaon, Freshler is a food delivery model with a unique menu. It has fusion of flavours combined with the freshest hand-picked ingredients with a wide range of refreshing salads, juicy burgers, fulfilling sandwiches and selected beverages that includes smoothies, shakes, mojitos, sodas, detox drinks and many more.

How did the idea of Freshler come to mind?

The idea to start Freshler came up in Argentina when I used to reside there.  It was my love for food that reminded us about broken experience in this segment and we started accordingly. Everyone is just selling food but nobody is trying to sell food experience. We are trying to fill that gap.

How is the response so far?

Response has been fantastic. We have achieved 30 per cent plus growth rate with very healthy response from the customers. Our ratings and feedback from customers speaks for itself. .

What is the operation process?

We are food on Demand Company delivering food to end consumer at their doorsteps. To facilitate the process, we work along well trained chefs and delivery boys powered by APP and website to take orders.

What range of items do you cater?

We deal in different verticals as we want to be a one stop solution for tasty food. We have verticals like salads/burgers/meals/pastas.

How difficult/easy was it toattract customers?

I must say very difficult, but yes we have been able to bring customers to our platform. We just don’t sell food but rather a complete experience.

Who are your target customers and what are your marketing strategies for them?

We are targeting corporate and reaching out through events and BTL activities.

What is your average footfall and target revenue?

We are doing approx. 50 orders a day and looking to take this figure to 100 at a healthy ticket value.

What is your expansion plans?

As of now we will be in Gurgaon and will try to expand Q2 (2016-17) onwards.

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Freshler – Not just selling food but an experience
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