"Franchise Creates a Distinctive Hold in The Market"

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In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Pariekshit Madishetty, MD, Grid Logic Hotels and Resorts talks about starting his restaurant.
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What was the whole idea coming up with a multi-cuisine restaurant?

‘Tabla’ is a chain of multi-cuisine restaurant, which offers casual dining atmosphere to our diverse customer base. Our restaurant location is predominantly present in cosmopolitan cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru. There is a thorough demand in the city, where customersare willing to spend time and money in a place where there is plethora of food items. We keep our focus on our target audience, who loves to explore various cuisines, passion for good quality food and appreciates nice ambience. After doing our research and market study, we found that with so many people coming to Hyderabad from various regions and international destinations, it makes sense to have a multi-cuisine restaurant to offer wide range of recipes.

Why a casual fine dine restaurant?

Our chain of restaurants offers multi cuisine fine dining experience and has specialized in Indian, Chinese, North Indian & Andhra cuisines. The restaurant is both for families and for professionals who can come and conduct their meetings and have business lunch and dinner. Our restaurant, Tabla has special space for these private dining and important meetings and gatherings.

How much money you have invested in the brand?

Grid Logic Hotels and Resorts has got franchise alliance with Tabla brand of fine dine restaurants to open 10 restaurants in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, involving at least Rs 30 crores.

You are running one outlet each in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Why these cities as your first option?

Yes, we have two restaurants which are up and running in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Hyderabad is our natural choice, as we are headquartered there. It is also most popular destination for food and people love Hyderabadi biryani, Kebabs and other Andhra and Telangana cuisines. Bengaluru is our second destination and it is another interesting market for us because it’s a cosmopolitan city and Millennial are keen in seeking out their passion for multi-cuisine which is authentic and high quality.

What is your plan expanding to other regions including Delhi and Mumbai?

We are looking for a pan India expansion and currently our company is looking for options in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. We are willing to explore options if local partners/investors approach us in these cities so as to have a local caretaker.

How about taking the franchisee route as you are already options for local partners/investors?

We are taking franchise route to expand our business and looking for investors who are willing to support our business initiative.

How much do you think franchising help build a brand? What will be your selection criteria of the right partner?

A franchise of a business creates a distinctive hold in the market. It helps in reaching out to more people thus generating a meaningful communication with the customer reach. It helps in establishing a position and maintaining a consistent presence in the market. Hence, reinforcing and effectively building the brand. We usually look for a local partner who has passion for this business and willing to be a part with investment.

Since, you are serving a mix of cuisine. How difficult it is for you to manage the same?

Tabla is a multi cuisine restaurant serving North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Andhra cuisines along with Jain food. But managing and maintaining the authenticity of the food is not difficult for us since the chefs are extremely talented and specialized in their own food. This rather helps to maintain the quality of the food served. Not only that they also take the responsibility of customizing each order according to the preference of the customers.

As the restaurant offers North & South Indian, Chinese and Andhra cuisines. Which is highly preferred by the customers?

The mostly preferred cuisines by our customers are North Indian and Chinese. Apart from these, our customers love Andhra cuisines which are authentic and freshly cooked.

What is your plan expanding to international markets?

We would definitely like to go to various international markets and offer multi-cuisine food options. We see a great demand for this category of food options especially in South Asian and Western markets.The idea is to go global, however we will not take that step until we complete 10 outlets here. Now we are mainly focusing on a PAN India expansion.

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