“Finding the Right Manpower is Difficult”

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Talking to Restaurant India, Prasanna Kumar, CEO, The Brew and Barbeque talks about brewing fresh beer and food.
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Restaurant India

When did you thought of becoming an entrepreneur? 

It was at the age of 21 when I first thought to enter entrepreneurship. I opened my first business which was a call centre at the age of 24 and it was a failure and this failure made me enter the F&B Industry at an early age of 26 with my complete passion towards the Craft Beers, Food and Music. 

Tell us about the Eureka moment. 

I personally understand finding a right place for work, stressing out after the work, fun, corporate gatherings, sports, music, friends / family gathering as a start-up or a corporate employee is very difficult. I always had in my mind to do something unique for people who are in the same line of industry with all these access along with hand craft beers and hand craft food which is our USP. 

What were the challenges faced as bar culture is still slow in India?

Finding the right chef and finding the right hospitality man power in order to understand the stressed out customer after a long day or week of work is very difficult. 

Tell us about your brand portfolio. Which is your favourite? 

We brew four different hand crafted beers and we are adding four more on the taps. My favourite craft beer at my venue is Triumph’s Pale Ale which is slightly citrus and hoppy on the mouth feel. 

How about designing your restaurant? 

Designing Brew & Barbeque was quite interesting moment which was done by me along with some real-time inputs from the brewing industry experts. I always wanted to give an ambience which makes anyone sit for longer duration at the same time give access to music, sports, open air and most importantly keeping it lively. 

How do you change yourself and your brand with pace of time? 

I personally believe that every business has to adapt to the changes as and when there is a requirement. We have always kept a vision of three years and above before we come up with any kind of concepts. 

What’s most exciting part of being in the industry? How are you marketing your brand right? 

Being in this industry always excites me for meeting new people along with brewing our own craft beers and hand crafted food recipes. Since my set of crowd is majorly corporate, we are focused to brand our products and services through media which reaches out the same. 

What is your expansion plan? 

We are coming up with multiple outlets and also hand crafted beers which every bar can have it at their counters. 

What trends you see coming in the Indian food market? 

As years passes by we all love to stick back to our basics which is hand crafted drink and food, I personally believe that having a fresh beer and fresh cooked barbecue can keep our body healthy. 

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