Fast food players launches Value menu to grow in India

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With more new entrants and small tech start-ups, fast food is likely to continue to grow further over the forecast period.
  • Vikram Purewal
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2015 could be named as the year of fast food revolution in India in the history of Indian food industry. From global players to local vendors, all have experimented a lot to make their food suitable for Indian palate.

Amid all this, the growing demand of local and healthy ingredients with twist of menu and a variety to linger upon, these players are introducing new snack options to target customers’ who are always on the go and who are poised to try something new.

What’s cooking? Wendy’s, the world's third largest burger chain is introducing a new menu with snacking options that will cater to consumers looking for a quick bite between meal times.

“The new menu was developed after exhaustive consumer insight and research, is part of our strategy to strengthen Wendy’s as an all-day dining restaurant,” shared Jasper Reid, Director, Wendy’s India.

On the other hand, its competitor, Burger King is also sailing on the same boat, Burger King which entered Indian in November 2014, is planning to start selling chicken fries in Indian market, to grow stronger customer base in the country.

"Around half of our menu in India is vegetarian. We have a big assortment of grilled products as well. The chicken fries will be fried in oil that will have zero trans-fat. The portions are white meat from chicken breasts,” added Rajeev Varman, CEO, Burger King India, who believes that this new addition would them a new customer base in the country.

Feasting on best

The delectable new menu at Wendy’s consists of some delicious snacking options, for those looking for a quick bite. There are classics like the vegetarian Railway Cutlet and Railway Cutlet Wrap. For non-vegetarians, a new addition is a Crispy Chicken, Caesar Salad and brings some amazing frosty shakes.

“We have expanded our menu, with these great new snacking options, that are just perfect for consumers seeking good quality light snacking options and are competitively priced as well.,” added Jasper.

Likewise, the fries at Burger King will be launched in two packs - five pieces for Rs 79 and nine pieces for Rs 139, and will be coated in a light crispy breading, seasoned with savoury spices and herbs, said the company.

"Chicken fries are a new product for India but it is not new to the western market. We are not trying to compare or compete with anyone. I don't think that it is a parallel product with KFC either,” added Varman.

Earlier, Carl’s Jr also launched The ‘Green Burger’ which are called ‘low-carb’ or a ‘lettuce-wrapped’ burger will consist of the guest’s choice of any patty with fresh veggies and sauces inside, wrapped by a thick layer of lettuce leaves.

With more new entrants and small tech start-ups, fast food is likely to continue to grow further over the forecast period, according to Euromonitor.

And, with a price range that is affordable to all and is easy to grab, fast food industry will continue to grow in markets like India where majority of populations are young and experimental.

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Fast food players launches 'Value menu' to grow in India
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