Fast and casual restaurants are in great demand

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An interaction with Chef Surjan Singh Jolly, Executive Chef, JW Marriott, Bangalore.
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Talking to Restaurant India, Chef Jolly expresses his views on the upcoming trend, visual appeal of a dish and about his show ‘Ab Harr Koi Chef’.

On new trends

As a chef, one needs to be aware of the latest trend in the hospitality industry either by subscribing a set of hospitality magazines or going through the awareness campaign by media. India is seeing an economic change and so the demand of people is changing. During the last five years, high-end restaurants were popular but now the trend is changing. People are experimenting with new cuisines. Fast and casual restaurants are in great demand.

On the upcoming trend

Molecular gastronomy is certainly interesting but a passé in reference to operating a restaurant successfully in current times, unless you are Heston Blumenthal. Food has taken a social turn altogether and food culture revolves around it in a larger sense of dining. Sharing platter and small portions are in trends certainly. It is beverage and food Vs food and beverage these days amongst working class broadly speaking.

Also food trends seen are taking a modern twist by using international produce with local or regional techniques.

Visual appeal matters

Garnishing is more important part of the hospitality industry now. A chef spends his precious time in the presentation of the dish. A dish prepared well and garnished beautifully always gives customer a desire to taste but if a dish is well cooked but not presented well-spoil the preparation.

On his show Ab Harr Koi Chef

The theme of the show was basically to give people a common connect. The working couple, young ladies, the industry people everybody has this little curiosity to know how the food has been made. How the chicken has been made, how to cook vegetables, how do restaurants cook, how to enhance the visual appeal? I believe everyone has different expertise of preparing different dishes but this expertise needs to be nurtured and here came the idea of starting Ab Harr Koi Chef to boost the confidence among people that I too can cook.

On his role as Executive Chef at JW Marriott

I work on the dishes served at the restaurant keeping in mind that after a customer finishes his meal he says, ‘I enjoyed the lunch, would surely come again.’ I work to bring happiness on a customer’s face by serving him amazing food at our restaurant. I continuously work to serve great food offering, quality, flavours, texture and variety. I work on keep the team spirit alive because I believe if your team is happy you will get best of everything.

Advice corner

If you are passionate and wish to make a mark in the culinary world only then jump in and this is your world but with a bit of doubt and comparing with high and flashy life style elsewhere that is being offered then don’t even think to get in, as like here in the food world is not every bodies piece of cake and is only for tough cookies..

The start is tough and the climb is steep but eventually it all smoothens out and one is laughing.. If you love food, adventure, curious to learn the nuances of food and culture, travel, love to experiment and not scared of defeats and are out going you already have it to be successful in the culinary world.

Welcome abode!!

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