D'lecta launches world's first automatic fresh tea brewing machine

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The new tea vending unit will dispense a cup of freshly brewed connoisseur tea within thirty seconds and can dispense up to 400 cups a day.
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D’lecta Café, which entered the tea brewing segment in 2001 has announced the unveiling of the world’s first ever automatic tea brewing machine.

The company has already filed the technology for patent. Tea vending machines that are currently available in the market merely dispense pre-mix tea comprising of instant tea powder, sugar and powdered milk. The quality of such tea are often sub standard and have a sugar content of as much as sixty two percent.

The new machine, meanwhile, does not mix tea, but brews it through the use of a patented technology. Tea leaves of choice are infused in the machine to maximize flavor, smoothness and aroma of the final brew and dispense a cup of refreshing hot tea.

The tea can be had black, green or white. Adding milk and/or sugar is as per preference, and has been provisioned separately on extended trays attached to the machine. Creamers made of evaporated cow milk, and aseptically packed, are used in place of powdered milk. The new tea vending unit will dispense a cup of freshly brewed connoisseur tea within thirty seconds, and can dispense up to 400 cups a day.

“Unlike coffee making, which has been seeing automation and technological advancements on an ongoing basis, tea brewing has largely remained a manual process. This is because tea brewing is a delicate process. But with the introduction of D’lecta Tea Brewing Unit, connoisseurs will be able to enjoy their tea of choice without going through the labourous process of manual brewing,” said Deepak Jain, Founder & Managing Director, Dlecta Foods Pvt Ltd.

This automatic fresh-tea vending unit is a first of its kind that will brew tea at the press of a button. It’s capable of dispensing a choice of beverages including the classic Assam tea, masala tea and green tea besides also offering black coffee, premixed coffee, café mocha, hot chocolate and soups.

The machine has been designed, developed and patented by Dlecta Foods, which has recently forayed into the consumer markets with its dairy based products after successfully operating in the B2B segment for over 12 years.

The machine is aimed at catering to the needs of the urban Indian offices and workplaces.

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D\'lecta launches world\'s first automatic fresh tea brewing machine
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