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In an interaction with Restaurant India, Biswanath Barui, Corporate GM talks about brewing fresh beers.
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While travelling to Germany, Kaushik Ghosh Owner and Managing Director at District 6 Pub Brewery & Kitchen liked the idea of fresh brewed beers and replicated the same in Bengaluru by creating a German style microbrewery spread across 11,000 sqft. How did District 6 happen? District is the idea which came from the founder and managing director of District 6, Mr. Kaushik Ghosh. He was very fond of looking at different ideas and concepts and with District 6 he wanted to create a different identity. He was travelling to Germany and was impressed to see the fresh beer and brew culture in the country. Though, there were few breweries running in the Indian market but it was not on the line of serving fresh beer. District 6 is basically a culture of German beer. The entire material including the equipments is from Germany. What kind of experience you are trying to give at your pub brewery? We follow a simple style of brewing German style beer. It’s about giving multiple experiences to the customers. Apart from the brew, we have also focused on getting the right food. We mix food, fun and entertainment to together cater to our customer and are classified into six different districts, hence the name. The gatro-pub has got something for everyone’s taste, from salads, burgers, wraps to a German district, fry district and a wok and curry district. We also have a wide range of cocktails made from the freshest ingredients. We have got a mixologist from Italy who designed the cocktail area. German brewmaster Paul Hubmann (who earlier consulted with the ace Gurgaon microbrewery Rockman’s) is the man behind the beers. How about the design? It has a fresh, energetic, authentic, rustic beer factory look interior where people drink beer out of the tap and we have all tanks in around the dining area. The place is designed by globally known designer from Japan, Masafumi Sanada who owns M-style Inc. We have got everything top-notch and everything out of the best to get the full project ready. The customers can see fermentation, storage and brewing happening in front of them. So, the whole experience is real feeling the atmosphere of the factory where beer is manufactured. How much innovation you do around beverages? In alcohol you can’t change the basic flavour. You can play with flavour by doing creative cocktails, using local ingredients. We are not ready yet but somewhere started to keep Indian flavours alive. We are working with Coriander, strawberry, thai ginger, litchi cocktails at District 6. We are changing the menu and getting fresh cardamom and cinnamon out of it. And, those cocktails are not expensive as it is local and seasonal. These sauces are made by kitchen chefs. We are taking these recipes out of kitchen and using it in bartending. What is the expansion plan? We are coming with projects and are looking at partners. In next six months down the lane we are starting another pub in Bengaluru. We don’t want to through the numbers rather want to establish a brand then expand. Business is not a one day show rather it has to go with the pace. Info: Total Investment made- Rs 17-18 Crore Average Footfall- 380-400 daily APC- Rs 1200-1300 Pricing- Rs 350 for a 500 ml of beer

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