Consumers look for choices along with taste: Typhoo India

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In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Renu Kakkar, Typhoo India, shared how they are catering to Indian customers.
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How healthy foods are included in consumers’ diet today?

Lifestyles have changed in the last 5-10 years, and not all changes have been good for overall health and well-being. Therefore, there is growing awareness about better lifestyle choices. Food is no exception. There is a growing awareness of healthy food and beverages as a lifestyle choice. Consumers are willing to pay more for quality, convenience and variety.

Take Tea for example. It was always a beverage of choice for consumers, but so many more options are available now in convenient tea bag format. It is because the consumer wants to have that choice as convenience along with availability.

Generally speaking, changes in consumer tastes, national, regional, local economic conditions and demographic trends have always affected the Food & Beverage industry and determined its offerings. Thus, what is happening today is being driven by some of the above trends in the society.

What has brought this shift?

India, a tea drinking nation, is the result of the remarkable shift in F&B industry. Consumers are looking out for no sugar, no fat, herbs and organic elements based food & beverages. Consumer does more research finding a product that fits his taste, lifestyle, format preference and of course pocket.

The inevitable shift to healthy food and beverage is taking place with beverage consumption becoming an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

What is the shelf life of such products?

It varies from different product categories. The entire category cannot be given a certain percentage. Shelf life is noted on most packs and should be followed along with storage advice.

How are retailers adding healthy food in their menu?

Typhoo partners with Foodhall, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Haiku and many such modern retailers to put our range that delivers spring of life on their shelves. We find that they not only aspire towards healthy and fresh options, but have adapted their menus to the changing lifestyle preference and consumption habits of their customers. The options and partnerships that we create with them to give the customer a feel of our products at point of sale is quite engaging and effective.

How are you marketing such products?

In India, Typhoo’s brand communication is positioned to convey exuberance akin to moods of spring under the tag line ‘Spring of Life’.

Typhoo creates many out of the pot journeys to enhance trial and product experience through initiatives like Farmers Market at gourmet food shows, art fairs, book launches, tea and food pairing and such events, which promote an enriched style of living, thus establishing a connect between premium lifestyle and fine taste.

On one hand, you will find Typhoo creating knowledge platforms like Typhoo Tea and Food Pairing with renowned Chef Vicky Ratnani; Typhoo, the Power of T sessions with celebrated nutritionist Naini Setlavad; Typhoo High tea sessions with Life Coach Ramon Lamba. On the other hand, we go creative with Typhoo Mad Hatters Tea Party with Malini Ramani and her innovative mixology skills as well as Typhoo Zumba Night, with renowned fitness coach Sonia Bajaj. All such initiatives strengthen customer’s connect with Typhoo as their chosen brand.

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Consumers look for choices along with taste: Typhoo India
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