Cocoberry is our real competitor in the segment: Yogurtbay

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In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Robin Chatterjee, Founder, Yogurtbay, shares the power punch of eating yogurt.
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Restaurant India

What made you start a restaurant serving yogurt?

When I started my restaurant in 2011, it was a brand new concept at that time. People were excited about the segment and I knew I could do a better job than what the competitors were serving.

How has the food trend changed in India over the time?

The shift in sales is quite unpredictable these days. For e.g.: we made our highest sale during the winter season.

What according to you is the reason behind the growth of healthy food sections in India?

A shift in the consumer mindset more towards the West is trending in India these days. People even from small towns are looking for a healthier lifestyle and choices.

Who do you see as your target audience in the country?

Our customers are same to those in the ice cream segment. So, kids, teenagers, young adults and even entire families are our customers.

You are currently available in West India. What are your expansion plans?

We will be expanding around Maharashtra region this year and also keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities in North as well. We aim to have at least 20 company owned stores this year and 15 franchisees outlets.

Who do you think as your competitor in the segment? And how is your strategy different from them?

Our only real competition in the segment is Cocoberry. But, we are more gourmets and have higher end products.

What is the power punch of eating Yogurt?

It is ice cream's cooler brother. Get your daily dose of natural and healthy yogurt topped with fresh fruit. Fill your heart not your stomach with Yogurtbay.

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