Choosing a Location for your Restaurant

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Location acts as a catalyst in promoting your restaurant.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
Restaurant India

Location is an important element while starting a new restaurant because a good location always draws a decent amount of customer towards the restaurant.

According to Ajit Ajmani, Owner, My Bar Lounge & Restaurant, “Location is an important factor while opening a restaurant. The best location is near the market place, crowded areas, offices.” He further adds, “Few of the restaurants, basically the QSRs, are now opening their outlet away from crowded places, like highways or on the outskirts of the city, to gain the customer attention. No matter where you open your restaurant, your location should be well advertised and known to people.”

Detailing on whether location plays a role in a restaurant’s failure, he responds, “Only 5-10 percent of the restaurants fail due to a wrong choice of a location. In fact, location contributes 75 percent reach to your restaurant. Your restaurant should be easily reachable, visible and also located at a place where raw materials are easily available. A restaurant should be located near to the main road where people can have easy access to transportation. Safety is another such issue which is important,” says  Pramod Joshi, Corporate General Manager, Regent Group of Hotels.

Tweaking a quote on location by Eric Tyson, Ray Brownhus, it can be said that, “The three most important factors in opening a restaurant are, location, location, location!”

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