Bombay Bar, bringing the city of Bollywood to the heart

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With a seating capacity of over 100 guests at a time, the place also has 2 Private Dining Room.
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Mumbai' is a city, Bombay is an emotion! And almost about synonymous to Bombay is Bollywood. No wonder the city of dreams welcomes everyone with open arms and serve delectable food. To anyone who has ever been to the city of dreams, or yearns to land up there, Bombay Bar promises to recreate the jazz Era for you. Age old recipes and evolving dining behaviours are the highlights of the Bombay Bar at Connaught place. The style on which the Bombay Bar runs is Bollywood.

As the name suggests, the bar is true to it and serves Bombay ka food and drinks! To start with, Bombay Bar serves, Mumbai Chowpati ka Chakna, Ghatkopar's khao gali, Kohlapur chicken lababdar, Juhu Beach ka tawa pulao , Noorani cheese stuffed mushrooms and Almond crusted Broccoli, Serial griller Pizza and Pasta and food from Khaogalis of Churchgate to Khargar and Zaveri bazaar has to offer the famous street food of Bombay, Parsi, Gujrati, Kohlapuri and Irani dishes.

With a seating capacity of over 100 guests at a time, the place also has 2 Private Dining Room, Serving Cocktails, Beer Buckets acclimatizing the ambiance from the 70's to the 2020's. Bombay Bar encompasses the best of Bollywood, as it runs in the veins of the city. With a beautiful lounge to recline and rejoice while simply bollywood plays in the background, backed by some or the other celebrity from Bombay.

“For a nation which is fuelled by Bollywood, we are glad that we have an opportunity to recreate the magical feel of it for our customers. The beauty of Bombay Bar is its connection with the origin place, Bombay. We have brought together both in a collaboration for the people to not only transcend into the parallel universe but also to allow them to enjoy to their core,” shares Dinesh Arora founder and Managing Director.

With over 10 signature cocktails to serve chilled with acclaimed dishes from the Bombay city, the bar is an adaptation of the city's theme. This is a bar which serves modern cocktail with Bombay touch wherein we have to offer, Quick Service Cocktails. Some of the cocktails to tingle your throat and soothe your liver like Life in a metro, Dream City, Bollywood Martini, Bomb-EYE, Red Carpet, Baadhshah Journey, Banana Mustard Cocktail, 7 island’s, Miss Briganza, Bombay- Bar Cutting, Queen’s necklace and what’s in a name from our exotic signature collection. Our High energy drinks include, Bhaag Bombay Bhaag, Bata Maajhi satakli, PK ek number, Baby’s night out and Give me water to energize you through the night and rejoice life Baadhshah size! Each one has a story behind that will make you nostalgic 

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