Bake Cheese Tart Looks for Partners in India

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In an interview with Restaurant India, Jason Koo, CEO, Bake Cheese Tart talks about their India operations.
  • Pramit Gangh
Restaurant India

Originated from Japan, Bake Cheese Tart has expanded globally with a wide presence in markets like Singapore, Korea and Sydney to name a few and is planning to enter India soon. Restaurant India catches Jason Koo, CEO of the group in Singapore. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

What is Bake Cheese Tart?

Bake Cheese Tart originates from Japan and has grown to over 43 stores internationally. We think we will be adding two more by end of the year.

Why India?

I think the Indian economy is growing and the average disposable incomes are getting higher. More and more people are having higher disposable income and the fact that technology, information social media has gained a ground people have become more knowledgeable in the different kinds of concepts that is happening around the world, so we believe that India is a big market next to China and China is slowly moving towards stabilizing but India is still at its interesting booming stage so this is how we feel that we should be coming to India.

Why Franchise?

Franchising model works with leveraging on the strengths of the franchisee and that is part of the prerequisite before we appoint a franchise partner and with that experience, all we need to do is to impart the product knowledge and the brand knowledge and they know that we will be using the strengthen of partners to grow the business so we find this a very good furnished model where we only take the minimum percentage of royalties and make the profits for their own and take everything else.

What is the USP of the brand?

Our product is full of indulgence but it does not come with a very expensive price it is not cheap either because of the taste profile so we hope to present this product not to the masses but the people who are willing to indulge and people who are affordable.

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