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Ensuring quality service in a restaurant is of great importance as it works as a deciding factor for consumers to choose a particular restaurant over others.
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Eating for a better experience

We choose a restaurant over others for the experience that collectively comes from the food, service and ambiance. Few may feel the service matters more than the food! Restaurant owners agree that guests deserve attention and warm reception. For example, a restaurant that offers royal service along with a mouth watering assortment of food will rate better. Moreover, a good quality service may make you feel ‘meal fit for a king’.

AD Singh, Owner, Olive Bar & Kitchen, says, “I believe in sticking to the basics. It all comes down to great food, good wine and warm service. Until you have all these ingredients in the right proportions and working the right way, you will not enjoy success.”

Right service at the right location

Depending on the category of restaurant you have chosen to visit, the service will be slightly different. For example, if you visit a Sushi Bar, one will get a feel of being in Japan. The Japanese low floor sitting style, welcoming guests by saying ‘erashymate’ etc. will give you a different experience. Likewise, at few south Indian restaurants, the food is served on banana leaf. The one constant factor in all of these different eating experiences is the service. How fast was your order taken? How fast did your food arrive? Was the waiter or waitress polite? Did you get everything you wanted? How much tip do they deserve?

“We focus more on how we can make customer’s lives even more comfortable by giving them a delightful experience or the ‘wow’ factor,” elaborates Anjan Chatterjee, Founder & MD, Speciality Group of Restaurants.

Customer service is the key factor for getting a satisfied customer. Restaurant industry is one of the major industries where the customer service is expected more. A restaurant with good customer service will be ranked higher than any other restaurant.

From kitchen to the table

Every customer expects his diner should be served with a smile. But most of the restaurants fail to understand this basic major expectation of the customer. When this is fulfilled, the restaurant is valued more. A best restaurant realises that the customer service should start right from the kitchen and enough care should be taken to check the quality of raw materials used because the customer needs to be satisfied with the quantity and the taste too. Sharing his insights, Narendra Malhotra, CEO, Oriental Cuisines, says, “Good food, good service and good ambience are of course key aspects that need to be considered before venturing into the food business.”

Khandani Rajdhani, the flagship brand of Mirah Hospitality Group, is one of the Indian restaurants known for its service and food quality. The restaurant serves pure Vegetarian food in traditional Rajasthani style giving its customer a feel of the unique Rajasthani flavour.

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