Asian food is about complex flavours

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In conversation with Restaurant India, Tanveer Kwatra, Executive Chef, Le Meridien Gurgaon shares about his love for food.
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Tanveer Kwatra is the Executive Chef, Le meridien Gurgaon. The Agra born chef has always dreamt of doing big. After completing his degree from Victoria University in Australia he has worked in various culinary kitchens experimenting with Asian cuisines and Australian food.

Kwatra focus on clean flavours, fresh produce. Very in tune with the local flavours, Tanveer has even invented the Mishti Éclair– a combination of classic Indian and French flavours. As one of the youngest Executive chefs in the country, he has opened La Riviera, the French Noveau cuisine restaurant which is making headlines in culinary fraternity.

How do you find Asian Hawkers market?

For a chef, Asian Market is a play ground. You can do many things, get instant feedbacks, and put new things on your actual menu. For a chef, coming with new ideas and menu are a part of his job as far as innovation and creativity is concerned.

What is your contribution here?

I have got restaurant called Latest Recipe from Le Meridien which is an all day dining restaurant and we call it as ever evolving food theatre. We have also got Dan Dan Noodle bar for the first time which is doing sticky rice and Tepanyaki noodles and a bar from Le Meridien called I Candy.

How is the pricing done?

The price is quite comparative here. You can get a full meal at 500 bucks and you’ll be full and happy. It is great value for money.

What is your take in Asian Hawkers Market?

I am mostly involved in the operations side. I am more focusing on concept and design. But, we have got team of Sourish, Atul and Sid who actually focus on restaurants and decide on whom to bring on board.

How do you play with flavours?

Asian food is all about complex flavours. It is one of the most likeable foods globally. In India, it is the second most loved cuisine after Indian and in tier-II cities it is even taking over Indian food. And, as we have stronger palate, it works with our palate. It is a cuisine which has got lot of character, aroma and depth.

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Asian food is about complex flavours
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