Are Fast-Casual Restaurants Techie?

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How well do fast-casual restaurants keep up with their Facebook fans?
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
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The research made by Franchise India shows that many of the fast casual restaurants have a great fan following on Facebook. 

Flip Bistro, Gurgaon, has a well developed Facebook wall with all its new openings and trends in the menu. Serving Italian cuisine, the restaurant also talks about the exotic Italian foods. They have 4,686 likes. The restaurant has also posted its phone number for any call and assistance.

Kitchen Central, a restaurant at Sainik Farms, has 1,083 likes. The restaurant uses a beautiful picture as its cover image that depicts the culture of home delivery. The Facebook page of the restaurant is regularly updated. Fresh offerings with exotic images along with phone numbers to place your order is also posted.

Berco’s has a well-designed Facebook page that highlights its current offerings, menu tweaks, the location of its outlets and the mouth-watering photos , like the beautifully garnered Basil rice for the rice lovers, The Ting Ming Mushroom soup and varieties of cocktails and mock tails that would make you want to taste it. Berco’s Connaught place outlet has a huge fan following on the site with 26, 125 likes.

Om casual dining, Kolkata’s, Facebook page not regularly updated. They have posted their contact numbers for queries and orders for food. The restaurant has only 81 likes.

DP’s fast food centre, Mumbai, also has 823 likes on its Facebook page thought it has not been updated since January. The restaurant has posted pictures of some of its offers only till January. It also have the phone number where you can call and place the order.

On the other hand, Mandarin Express, Mango Thai Cuisine and Bar restaurant, Ruby’s Bar and Grill QD’s restaurant do not have a well developed Facebook page.

Though the Bombay Bowl restaurant, an Indian fast casual restaurant in Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado, Facebook page is active and the updates about foods and new offers are posted regularly, it has only 749 likes. 

Merzi, another fast casual restaurant in Washington, District of Columbia, has a Facebook page which was last updated on May. The restaurant has 902 likes and has also posted its number on the page for any queries and food order.

Chutney’s an Indian fast casual restaurant and bar in Arizona has only 187 likes and 949 were at the restaurant. The restaurant has posted beautiful pictures of its beverages and other desserts and has also posted about its Sunday brunch. The restaurant has also asked people to vote it in Arizona ranking.

Paratha Junction, the Indian restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey, has not a single like on its Facebook page though it has posted about its paratha and biryani with yummie photos to gain customers.

This shows that the availability of fast casual restaurant in India as well as abroad is not very pleasing. The research shows that despite people’s preference for fast-casual restaurants these days, the restaurants are not keeping up to the trends of the tech world. So restaurants need to develop their networking efficiencies to get customers inside their doors.

One more reason for Indian restaurants not being popular abroad could be that only Indian people living abroad (who are few) like frequenting these restaurants; the rest just go to experience the Indian cuisine once in a while.

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