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The modern day mobile app has replaced \'apple\' and has taken the food industry by storm.
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Restaurant India

For the big QSR chains, the mobile app or application is more becoming the need to keep the target group of consumers updated about a certain promotional offer, launch, and happenings. Such mobile application forms a part of the total digital marketing strategy and may be included with other digital marketing strategies such as company website, social media promotions along with mobile applications.

For instance McDonald's is going to change the look of its iconic red French fry packaging globally with bold, new artwork to celebrate the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brasil. Moreover, they are attaching ‘Augmented Reality’ app that will reward customers with an engaging, virtual trick-shot challenge.

Steve Easterbrook, Senior Executive Vice President and Global Chief Brand Officer of McDonald’s commenting on the app launch theory said, “This is the first time in brand history we’re changing the packaging design of one of our customers’ most favourite menu items on a global scale, and what better reason than to share in the excitement of one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. This is about bringing fun, innovative programming to our customers and celebrating our shared love of football. We’re excited to be able to do that through an engaging, interactive mobile experience, and of course with our World-Famous Fries.”

As per the official release, the brand has chosen  twelve artists from around the world to create the special new designs, which will canvas McDonald’s Medium and Large fry boxes in the majority of company-owned and franchised restaurants worldwide and trigger the downloadable app, entitled “McDonald’s GOL!”

For a more engaging experience, the customers can download the app and begin play whenever they get the fry box in-hand. And as the device recognises the artwork, a football pitch will appear in an AR scene on the screen, with the fry box as the goal and other built-in objects as obstacles. The idea is to “kick” the ball with the flick of a finger and divert or use obstacles to get the ball into the goal. The mobile app, “McDonald’s GOL!” is compatible with most Android and Apple mobile devices.

If not for customer engagement, then this mobile app can teach the food businesses to tweak their menu too and may be, able to encourage introducing new menus, as been used by popular coffee brand Cafe Coffee Day (CCD). CCD has recently introduced Crunchy Frappe based on a customer feedback. The brand has gone extra mile by adding Egg Wrap based on a customer chat about mezzanine meals. Speaking to Restaurant India, K Ramakrishnan, President - Marketing, Cafe Coffee Day said, “We are the pioneer in bringing digital marketing strategies and we have websites, social media and mobile apps under the digital strategy. As of now we enjoy four and half million Facebook likes”.

Recently The Beer Café also has launched mobile app developed by SnapLion on the Google Play Store and the App Store (iOS). Using this app one can browse through menus, photos, upcoming events and weekly promotions including a playlist wherein customers can choose to download or buy the featured songs. There are special offers for loyal customers as well as they can order ‘Beer on Wheels’ directly using the app.

Summing up, while the importance of mass media print cannot be undermined, nevertheless, the digital medium is playing a huge role.


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Mobile apps takes food industry by storm
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