Alcohol not a taboo but a culture

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India is a country which has a huge market for alcohol as people in all age groups are big time alcohol consumers.
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Alcohol culture is thriving since the earliest time in our nation. We all know that India is a huge sub-continent and therefore, drinking habits diverge significantly in different states. We cannot judge whole of the nation on a single scale. But, I think that alcohol is not only a sedative to forget all worries, but it is something associated with our culture.

As far as the data I have foreseen, people who live in Kerala state gulp an average of 8 liters per month and this is four times the average of rest of the India. Other areas of the country where people tend to drink slightly heavy comprise Haryana and Punjab. In some parts of India there is barely any drinking culture to speak of as in some of these places alcohol is totally banned. In current years there has been a visible increase in the number of urban males who assert that alcohol is a way to relax. It still tends to be the deprived and those who live in rural areas which are the greatest patrons of alcohol. It is assumed that as slight as 5% of alcohol consumers are females even though this number is higher in some of the Indian states.

As far as the legalities are concerned, India witnesses a diverse paradox. The legal authorities have to decide the drinking limit in India which is evidently varied and the laws which control the sale and consumption of alcohol differ notably from one state to another.  In India, the consumption of alcohol is banned in the states of Gujarat, Mizoram, Kerala, Manipur and Nagaland, as well as the union territory of Lakshadweep. Kerala is implementing the prohibition in a phased approach. All other Indian states legalize alcohol consumption but also fix a permissible drinking age.

In fact in my opinion, one should have alcohol in moderate rate.  One should be cautious of the dodgiest model of drinking when it is overdone where the individual consumes too much quantity in a lesser phase of time and that too empty stomach for an instant hangover.

Once, India had a repute of having an alcohol ethnicity that inflicted self-discipline towards sensitive sedatives like alcohol. Now days, with growing literacy rate and awareness, people drink sensibly and are prudently having these drinks for the purpose of celebrations and get together.

I have gone through certain data regarding Indian drinking habits which have developed a code or culture of drinking. According to that, Indians really favor hard liquor and also, distilled spirits over beers and around eighty percent of the use involves these stronger beverages. Additionally, as per the reports, on an average note, twenty percent of the population has at least tasted alcohol. What the statistical data suggests and shows is that in the past two decades the number of alcohol consumers has moved from 1/300 to 1/20.

To sum up, India is a country which has a huge market for alcohol and the ages now-a-days has not set their norms or conducts of drinking habit. Every alcohol lover buys it, enjoys it and the fact is that India has a million of alcohol brands made for as many sections of people, so this is something which makes it easy to access and flexible to pocket. However one should be aware of the quantity of alcohol one consumes at any given point of time. Also, the role of youth in our country’s drinking culture is quite advancing in terms of demanding for some good ones, unlike before. An aware youth and even middle age and retired people demands quality and premium taste and have the ability to differentiate between a good whiskey and bad one. They now know what to drink, and in what quantity. But what I feel should be compulsory is to form and follow certain constitution of our principles for drinking.

Well, whatever the legalities and cultural diversifications are, alcohol is harmless if you have maintained a self rule of making your own limits to it. It is not just something to enjoy or lose senses or having fun; but it has its own class and attitude which people maintain and uphold at all times.

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Alcohol not a taboo but a culture
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