7 keys for growing your restaurant start-up amidst the pandemic

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The rat-race has been a prolonged move, yet many succeeded to stand out. And the only reason they stood out was because they chose smart work instead of the dominating hard-work-culture.
  • Debaditya Chaudhury MD, Chowman

After the atrocities of the pandemic the world’s economy has gone under a massive crisis. While the world is under a suspension, India is already on its way to rise from the debris. For many industries, this pandemic epoch has resulted in a massive drop down. However, this is not the same for the food industry. With the surging demand for food, many restaurants in specific have witnessed a surge in their profit compared to the normal days. And for the start-ups, it can be a great deal to observe the business transitions following the pandemic scenario which can be adopted to meet up the future criteria in the domain entrepreneurship. Here are some essential elements that I, from my personal years of experience would like to present for all those future entrepreneurs who are dreaming to take the business world in the coming days.

A Proper Plan can keep you leagues ahead: This is something I always, always would suggest to a future entrepreneur. One of the most potential driving forces behind an entrepreneur’s mind is his passion. From my own personal experience, I believe that the first thing of utmost importance is coming to that brilliant realisation of detecting one’s true passion. Once that is detected, it is that formidable element of passion that keeps on driving you.

Right Strategy is Best  Strategy: When you know your passion, and when you have all your faiths invested in it, never be afraid of making the first move. But never make the move without a proper strategy. Ignorance might be bliss, but once you hit the ground you feel that nerve wrecking unpleasant pain from which rising up might not be a choice always. One thing I personally followed while proceeding with my work was to never stop dreaming ahead of times. For every successful man, it is necessary that you do a proper research in your field of passion. For me who always wanted to bring a bend to the pre-ordained food narrative that was dominating our culture and introduce traditional flavours of China, my first lookout was diving deep into that domain. Understand the negative aspect, because only then you can differentiate the positive from the bad.

Hard work sounds great, but Smart-work is the Key: If you are someone who believes in hard work, then you are totally trapped in the rat race. Remember that there are thousands of men who have the same or greater potential than you. And in this competitive strategy, making or breaking does not entirely depend on you. The rat-race has been a prolonged move, yet many succeeded to stand out. And the only reason they stood out was because they chose smart work instead of the dominating hard-work-culture. Especially for those who have or are about to initiate with start-ups, grabbing on to this pandemic scenario totally depends of your work of mind. And I believe, your actions must fundamentally align with your business plan. Understanding the actual revenue, making a pre-plan of the expenses and utilising that to invest at the right place in the right time is the first strategy. Moreover, understanding this transition is very necessary to understand the new world which is about to mould itself in a new form.

The Art of Flexibility: When I began with Chowman, I remember the amount of multitasking I had to dwell myself into. From closing the outlets, to delivering foods, to dropping my employees-this had been my everyday schedule once upon a time. And if you are a start-up who believe in careful selection of employees, then you might be left with just a handful to deal with. Yet the only way to cope up with the surging demand is to put the cape on and be the man. Just making the right plan is not the only plan. Having the attitude to be flexible and understanding your work also means to understand the co-related works that culminate to make your business a super- success!

Best from the rest: There are hundreds and thousands of people who ran the business before you and will run after you. It is definitely going to be a tough competition, especially now that people will literally try to fight their way out to not become just a crowd in this pandemic fever. And standing out comprises an inevitable step that everyone has catered to since the budding of entrepreneurship-Quality and quantity. My own agenda from day one to these 10 years of success has been never to compromise on the quality and quantity of food.

The power of Technology: Technology has been one big power. But it can be one hell of a power to change the entire dynamic of the post-pandemic business strategy. And one of the key points of incorporating technology as a business tools includes communicating. As the pandemic mandates protocols concerning touch points, it is recommended for anyone who is thinking of start-ups to properly plan out a well advanced technology. From online orders, to smoother deliveries, easy booking these can be well managed using these tools. Moreover it can be one of the best tools to operate a one-to one interaction with customers, answering every query.

The right Man Power: One man can make a change, but a man with the right man-power can bring a miracle. So it is very crucial to select the right man power. I would suggest making a fair selection, with skilled qualities is a must. But more than that what it is, how you get to keep this man-power intact. For me, I have always been very selective about people whom I have chosen to be a part of my dream project. But more than the selection I have always tried to focus on earning their faith and duties by showing kindness.

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