7 food and dining trends that will shape the festive season

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More than ever, everyone is so conscious about their health and want to keep it intact even while exploring food options and different outlets.
  • Harmandeep Khurana CEO and founder, Barbeque Company
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Food and dining trends keep on evolving with time and as the year 2020 and 2021 has been it made people aware about the hygiene and the products they are consuming. More than ever, everyone is so conscious about their health and want to keep it intact even while exploring food options and different outlets.

An era of revenge dining: One of the most common trends that we are seeing nowadays is “revenge travel” people are travelling across the nation and even internationally because they have been stuck in four walls of their houses long enough. The same is the scenario that the dining industry is witnessing, a trend, an era of ‘revenge dining’. Those who are unable to travel extensively for any reason are going out to dine with their families and friends, enjoying get-togethers while exploring new food and new outlets.

The rise of healthy eating: Healthy and nutritious food has found a way in lives of people, especially after the pandemic. Even while eating junk or going out on dinners, people have started to look for healthier options of food and even cocktails, alcohol free, low sugar cocktails are now ‘in’ and are here to stay. Along with low calory drinks, restaurants are serving variety of salads and soups as a healthy option.Guests also have choice for make their own salad.

Comfort is back: With the coming of nutritious food, the need for comfort has also returned. Instead of chefs and restaurateurs struggling to find an exciting new ingredient or outlandish new promotion, the coming months will focus on getting back a sense of balance. People just want to gather and socialize while feeling safe—so instead of obsessing over a rare new super-speed, restaurants will move forward by providing guests with feel good food and genuine hospitality, filling the need for comfort and warmth during these extraordinary times.

Loyal staff is a blessing: Apart from these, having loyal employees, a need to sustain them and how has also become very popular in the hospitality industry. Earlier the working conditions of the employees working in the sector were tarnished, now, after the pandemic had hit, it made many managements realize the need for having loyal employees. Those who could stand after these unprecedented times was majorly because of the workers they have. To sustain good employees, one should offer them equal respect and they should feel that they matter, that they belong.

Sustainability is the key: Having said the working conditions of the employees are getting looked at, the condition of our planet too shall be looked at, and it is indeed. The hospitality sector is one of the major sectors that participate in environmental degradation and going sustainable is what the food and dining sector is looking at and what they should be walking towards.

Going contactless is way forward: It is always a challenge for restaurants/cafes to give something different, something extra to its customers where they can come regularly and ultimately become advocators of the outlet. After the pandemic and lockdown, doing the same has become a challenge as well as a trend and contactless service is one of the factors everyone is looking at. The service already is paving a way in the lives of the people, restaurants too are adapting the same by providing QR codes for ordering food and delivering the same in a contactless manner. Not only for dining purposes, the same system is getting adapted for delivery also.

Health and Safety at the top: Last but not the least, sanitization has become a new reliance.Health and safety should always be a top priority for an effective operationand has always been inherent for all successful restaurateurs. Communicating this as a vital brand message will become the differentiating factor in the coming months, as consumers want to learn about details they never cared about before. Sanitization now-a-days is incomplete without vaccinated staff, and fully vaccinated staff is the aim and goal of every restaurant and café. More than the aim, it is the duty to keep themselves, the customers and society as a whole safe.

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