7 Pronged Paths to Restaurant Leadership

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A leader who knows the way, goes the way, and leads the way with clarity, transparency and credibility bringing out the best of the team.
  • Raminder Bakshi
Restaurant India

Running a business is not an easy task; you need to have that leadership quality which actually helps in making your business bring out the good result. And, like any other businesses restaurant business also need owners who is the leader of his team. A leader who knows the way, goes the way, and leads the way with clarity, transparency and credibility bringing out the best of the team and business.

Here are some of the qualities which helps in building an empire:

Being Overwhelmingly Honest: When leaders embrace their teams with this core value, not only is trust built, but another fantastic result also can occur. Honesty can help you trade and bring the best results to door.

Gathering Intelligence: When leaders ask for feedback about their own performance and discover how others perceive them, they are better able to align their intentions with reality and develop a plan for improvement. In order to learn and grow, it is important to be self-aware.

Being Composed: Effective leadership requires composure. Obstacles are inherent in any organization and in any leader's path; how leaders conduct themselves while facing challenges and dealing with stressors can be indicative of their character, competence, and ultimately, credibility.

Letting Your Guard Down: This requires a certain level of maturity and self-awareness and a heightened sense of how people might perceive, dissect, and disseminate the information that is revealed. You have to be on toe all the time to know the inside out of the business.

Respecting Commitments: Sometimes, leaders are forced to reconsider promises and disappoint followers. At these times, transparency is most important to keep alive the team’s faith and ensure their understanding of the situation.

Delivering Bad News Well: Those on the receiving end usually appreciate bad news that is delivered promptly and with honesty, directness, care, and concern.

Avoiding Negative Comments: Leaders must model and encourage communication that does not involve destructive comments, unhealthy competition, forming of lobbies or groupism of any sort. He should know how to lead the team encouraging a healthy and a friendly competition.

Hence, we can say that in the leader-follower relationship, personal connections are made through trust, reliability, care, and appreciation. Once this platform is built well and maintained, leaders can deliver the rest of what they have to offer-their talents-and business flourishes. 

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7 Pronged Paths to Leadership Credibility
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