6 ways allowing Restaurants to open 24/7 will help the sector

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To fight the current dip it’s very important to find ways to allure consumers, boost their confidence to maintain constant cash flow.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

The Delhi government announcement regarding restaurants to be allowed to operate 24x7 and the need for a tourism licence and multiple other licences, like the health and trade, issued by the local bodies, to be abolished brought relief to the restaurant operators.

It also announced that the excise rules to allow service in open areas and balconies without extra fees and permit licences for all types of music will be amended. The CM will decide on the application of new uniform fire safety norms. The message sent out to officials clearly mentioned that steps must be taken at the earliest and it was reportedly conveyed that the health licence issued by the civic bodies must be abolished within 10 days. Here are six ways this will help boost the sector:

Allocating more time to business: “We welcome this big news wholeheartedly and are deeply grateful to the Govt of Delhi for giving us some much-needed respite during these testing times. The new license initiative would make the entire process of acquisition much more effective whilst maintaining a thorough check of all norms that need to be followed for the same,” pointed Rohit Aggarwal, Director Lite Bite Foods who has full confidence in the progressive approach of the current govt. that they will meet this endeavour with successful fruition as it has a deadline attached to it. “Furthermore, with more time on our hands, we would be able to allocate greater resources and time to our business, thus helping the hospitality industry to attain its full potential which somewhat got crippled during these hard times,” he added.

Creating a world class food & nightlife destination: There is no denying that opening restaurants 24*7 will help boost the sector and will also help in creating a world class destination. “Restaurant Industry has been under the permit raaj for a long time but this is a welcome move by the Delhi Government. We need to wait how this unfolds but this is indeed a very positive move to make Delhi a world class food & nightlife destination,” shared Vishal Anand, Director, Moonshine Food Ventures who believed that this step will definitely give a much needed boost to the much affected f&b industry and create a positive business environment, which is the need of the hour.

Ease of doing business: “These reforms will defiantly promote ease of doing the business. Having said that, I urge the government to take some further measures to boost the demand in the hospitality industry. This could be achieved in certain ways such as relaxation of GST and easier policies such as the allowance of food trucks and updation of alcohol policies. To fight the current dip it’s very important to find ways to allure consumers, boost their confidence to maintain constant cash flow. However, this is the first step towards many and we hope that the process keeps on becoming easier, helping us in serving the people to the best of our abilities and reviving the industry at large,” added Jatin Mallick, Chef & Co-owner, Tres.

Creating employment: Allowing restaurants to open 24*7 will bring lots of employment opportunities. “This decision will be a game changer for the hospitality industry. Restaurant Industry is one of the most affected industries during the pandemic and this move by the Delhi Government will benefit not only the owners but employees too as it will bring in lots of new employment opportunities specially for the youth and earn a bit extra,” said Nikhil Arora, Co-Founder, The Tummy Section, Delhi.

Will help industry grow, stabilize and sustain: “It is indeed a positive move by the Delhi Government at the much-needed time. These reforms will help the hospitality industry grow, stabilise and sustain. By abolishing the ''permit raj'' it will be easier and faster to get the licenses. We would be able to work in peace and focus on our business rather than being busy half the year acquiring or renewing different licenses,” shared Joy Singh, co-partner, Raasta & Yeti who agreed that promises have been made earlier as well by the previous governments but this time it has a deadline attached to it. The Chief Minister himself made a public announcement, so we are much hopeful for the announced reform. We look forward to the progressive approach of the current government. “With the new structures & norms, the industry will become safer and more productive. We can't wait to take it to the new heights,” he added.

Help in revenue generation: “As much as 2020 is bad for the restaurant industry, this news is overwhelming.  This was much needed as this move will all together change the dynamism of industry. Lots of people work in shifts, hence this move will get us more clientele as well, hence more revenue generation. This will generate more employment. Also this will add charm to the nightlife as well. We will be taking safety measures and more health measures in check so that our staff remains happy,” said Akshay Anand of Ophelia.

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