6 trends that will shape the food and beverages industry

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Here are six food and beverage trends that are expected to witness demand in 2020
  • Anshu Anand Marketing Head of Del Monte India
Here are six food and beverage trends that are expected to witness demand in 2020

Changing consumer behaviour, technological innovations and government regulations in the past decade have transformed the food and beverages industry in India. Higher disposable income in families has resulted in more families dining out and exploring new cuisines. Consumers, especially those in urban areas, are more discerning in their choices and trust branded foods for their promise of quality. Youth have become health-conscious, so there is an upsurge in households buying protein-rich fibre foods like dried fruits, Nuts and Trail Mix packs.

2020 promises to be an exciting year for the industry as this health-conscious consumer behaviour spreads across the metros and even to Tier II and Tier III cities.

Here are six food and beverage trends that are expected to witness demand in 2020.

Sugar is no longer sweet

Limiting sugar intake is predicted to be a major focus for consumers this year. People are getting aware of the harmful effects of sugar, which is one of the contributors to lifestyle diseases in India. Even people with a sweet tooth are moving towards sugar-free food or food with less sugar. People are choosing to opt for a healthier lifestyle by cutting down or skipping sugary products, the trend of moving away from sugary food will only gain momentum in 2020.

Healthy, on-the-go snacking

“Protein” and “fresh” are the keywords when it comes to snacking in the new decade. The days of granola bars and bags of chips are out. Instead, consumers are looking for high-protein, grab-and-go options that are both nutritious and convenient, such as nutritious puffed snacks, dried-fruits and prunes and protein bars. Even if we see working people they are switching their diet plans from unhealthy snacking to healthy snacking.

Alternative diets will go mainstream

Diets once considered alternative are now the norm. So, expect to see gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and keto options become menu mainstays. It is no longer enough to have just one or two of these options on the menu. Oats and dietary food will continue to dominate menus in 2020, alongside nut-based, dairy-free cheeses; and we’ll see more gluten-free options in traditionally carb-centric dishes like pasta and breads, using almond flour, rice flour.

 Rise of veganism in India

There will be a rise in veganism in India as another trend in healthy eating. Thanks to the upsurge in lifestyle-based preferential dining, there has been a tremendous change in the way cooking is concerned, especially in our choice of ingredients, produce and even sauces. The major change has been in the art of modern foraging; chefs are constantly exploring indigenous ingredients that were once integral to our balanced meal. Plant protein such as soy, for instance, or greens such as the water spinach, Indian lotus, yams, and even banana blossoms are getting very popular these days.

 Focus on convenience

Let’s face it. In 2020, consumers crave convenience. While this has been a beverage industry trend for quite a while now, it’ll grow even stronger this year. Ready-to-consume lattes, cold brew coffees, and even cold-pressed juices will become more popular than they have been in past years. And, we’re not exactly complaining about that. Launches of ready to drink beverages and wellness shots will increase to satisfy the grab-and-go culture. Brands will also make it easier than ever to obtain a product that addresses a need state or dietary parameter by offering options to customers

From regular Mustard oil to Olive oil

Olive oil has become a familiar name among the millennials, the fitness gurus and experts have preached enough about this oil that giving it a pass isn’t an option anymore. This oil has become the holy grail for many fitness enthusiasts. It contains a good amount of dietary fat that is essential for maintaining your cardiovascular health.

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6 trends that will shape the food and beverages industry
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