6 Tips to Create a Killer Social Media Strategy for Your Restaurant

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Creating a killer social media strategy for your restaurant could skyrocket your business and bring you more customers. All you have to do is learn how to do it.
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6 Tips to Create a Killer Social Media Strategy for Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant is a job that requires passion, dedication, and creativity. It’s not easy to stand out from the competition and fight for your spot on the market. Still, with the right social media strategy, your chances of running a successful business are increasing.

Creating a killer social media strategy for your restaurant could skyrocket your business and bring you more customers. All you have to do is learn how to do it. We’ll break it down together and show you the 6 most important tips.

Target Audience & Platforms

The first thing you want to do is decide which social media platforms you plan on using, based on your target audience.

It’s important that you choose more than one platform to aim for a wider audience. The best platforms you could use to advertise your restaurant are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

These will allow you to communicate with your customers openly, and have them engage with you in a more active manner. Once you set up your business profiles or pages on the social media platforms you’ve chosen, it’s time for the next step.


Your restaurant needs to be widely recognized by your loyal customers as well as potential ones.

That means that you have to invest the effort into branding your restaurant and using that in all your social media platforms.

Make sure that you have:

  • brand colors
  • brand fonts
  • a logo
  • a style
  • a personality

This has to be consistent and clearly visible in all your social media platforms.

Everything you write, publish, and share, needs to be in accordance with your brand. Take for example NYC restaurant Via Carota, their Instagram page shows off their classy style, unique imagery, and recognizable visuals.

Make sure that you do branding properly, and make it fit all your growth goals and strategies.

Rely Heavily on Visuals

Visuals play such an impactful role in your social media presence and the way people engage with your brand. The truth is, people online are used to watching stunning images throughout their news feed, and that’s what they expect you to provide.

“To make your social media strategy a success, you need to invest in creating attention-grabbing, top-notch visuals that will portray the essence of your restaurant and your brand,” says Angela Baker, a digital marketing specialist and writer at BeGraded.

Make sure that the images and videos you share are:

  • true to your style
  • a feast for the eye
  • able to stop people from scrolling away
  • showing the best your restaurant has to offer

The better your visuals, the more chance you have of increasing your clients’ number and reaching your goals.

Provide Valuable Information

Apart from making your social media profiles look great; you need to make them efficient and valuable for the potential guests of your restaurant. That means that you need to share all the essential information with your guests and make sure it’s easy for them to find you or decide to pay you a visit.

That’s why your social media profiles should have:

  • all your locations listed
  • contact information
  • menu uploaded
  • restaurant app
  • information about whether it’s suitable for children, vegetarians, vegans, people allergic to gluten
  • take out information

Dorian Martin, a social media expert and editor at Studicus agrees:”Share as much information as you can and don’t let potential guests second guess anything. This will guide more people to your restaurant and help you boost your sales.”

Share Reviews & UGC

Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of a friendly recommendation. Your potential guest will want to know how other people feel about your restaurant before they head out to eat there.

For this you need to post testimonials, reviews and user-generated content such as images, videos, and stories.

Show your audience how others enjoyed their time with you and your authentic food, and it’ll be such a strong motivation for them to see you as reliable and worth visiting.


Be Professional

Finally, don’t forget to act like a true professional when it comes to creating and publishing your social media posts.

Make sure that you’re writing accurately without any spelling or grammar mistakes, using proper vocabulary, using hashtags correctly and posting at the right time of day.

Final Thoughts

It’s fascinating how a killer social media strategy can benefit your restaurant. The power of social media is only growing stronger so make sure you’re on board the whole time.

Use the suggestions listed above, and start working on the social media strategy for your restaurant.

Estelle Liotard is a writer who’s currently working as a content marketing specialist as ClassyEssay and a regular contributor at TopEssayWriting. She’s an expert on SEO, digital marketing and Ecommerce, and loves sharing her knowledge with fellow writers and marketers.


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6 Tips to Create a Killer Social Media Strategy for Your Restaurant
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