6 factors driving food delivery business in 2021

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According to a report, in 2020, the food delivery market reached a value of US$ 4.35 Billion and is estimated to develop a user base of 300.57 Mn by 2024.
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Food Delivery

Food delivery business has change the way we have been dining and ordering our food at home. From being just a mere option to sit and relax at home, it has become a necessity for everyone to order their favourite food. According to a report, in 2020, the food delivery market reached a value of US$ 4.35 Billion and is estimated to develop a user base of 300.57 Mn by 2024. Here are top trends that will change the meaning of delivery in the restaurant and food business:

Conscious eating will be in: There’s no denying that the new normal will look out for different variety of food brands. There is a sudden change in consumer behaviour, people are now more conscious of what they are eating, where the ingredients are sourced from, who is making their food, etc. It will now be essential to be transparent to the customer in every aspect of the food – from farm to fork.

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Rise of ‘The delivery only restaurant’: We see that with restaurants being shut for longer time, more and more restaurants are into delivery and cloud-kitchen space. There is an emergence of ‘delivery-only restaurants’ and it has been expedited because of the current crisis. People may be very selective in terms of which restaurants and crowded places they visit. More people will ‘order in’ for even use cases such as having fun with friends.

It’s all about ‘Trust’:  Brand trust has become as important factor as price and variety.  Restaurant and food brands that would be able to win the customer’s trust during this period will have an opportunity to create winning brands and have customer loyalty for a long time. “Trust is not restricted to price and variety alone; it also extends to the staff who will be handling the food. It is one of the main reasons, why at Rebel Foods we started sharing the temperature and medical reports of the staff, the ingredients that go into making the food, along with the calorie specifications as well, is to ensure that our customers know the details of all their food,” said Karan Singla, Operations Head- India BU, Rebel Foods.

Packaging is the key: It is one of the most important aspects in a delivery eco-system, as customers are moving more towards ordering food online for delivery, at their door-step. There will be greater emphasis on packaging that is tamper-proof, and spill-proof, as this will instil confidence that the food that has been delivered is safe and also appetizing in spite of having travelled a certain distance.

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The rise of combi-items: Delivery moving forward will have to be focused on creating combinations of your best dishes for solo orders so it caters it specific tastes and preferences

Driven by tech: Technology also plays a crucial role in serving our customers to the best of our abilities while staying in constant touch with them. It plays a significant part in the delivery space and has been helping brands to cater to their customer’s expectations better with every order. Revolutionising the sector and catalysing intensive growth, technology is a game-changer that is now being integrated across several segments of the food industry.

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