5 Tips For Women Entering the Nightlife Space

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In the nightlife business a restaurant has to overcome several odds to get the cash flow.
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Over the years’ we see that the nightlife scenario in changing in India. Women are no more restricted in doing a business in day time. In fact, they are entering the night clubs, bar and restaurant space doing the job very finely and confidently. From Nirupa Shankar of Brigade Group who built the highest bar in Bengaluru to achiever of the young women award Manvi Chaudhary of Pier 38 in Gurgaon, women are now in-line with their male counterparts in setting up some of the quirkiest night spaces in the country.

Despite the metropolitan attitude in Indian cities, the cultural throwbacks are still ingrained in some ways, and it still comes into play when discussing something as drastic as a woman entering the nightlife space. In the nightlife business a restaurant has to overcome several odds to get the cash flow and the restaurateur unfortunately had to work against tremendous odds not only about public opinions but also rules and regulations that have to be complied with. But with regulators and restaurateurs working hard to make nightlife safe and vibrant, more and more women are entering this space. Here are five tips from top women restaurateurs for women entering the nightlife space.

Be Confident: It all starts with confidence. If you are not confident, you cannot start a business. And, starting a nightlife business is all about getting involved in the business late at night that needs a lot of confidence.

Believe in your Ideas: Ideas starts at home. You should always love what you do and respect what you have thought and plan to do. If you start assuming that your idea is not good enough, you won’t succeed. Believe in your deeds and ideas. What you believe you can learn and do.

Trust your gut feeling: It is about your internal belief. If you trust your gut, you trust your brain and you would do it no matter how hard the path is. It is very important in nightlife business to go with your wit and feeling. More than anyone else’s advises it will be your own inner feeling and strength that would make you run a successful business.

Either leave those heels at home or learn how to run 5kms in them: This looks a little weird, but the truth is you will have to be on your toes 24*7. Hence, you need to leave all your fancy accessories at home. It’s not an easy job to get into a nightlife business. Hence, be very careful in what you do and learn.

Have fun, really enjoy what you do: It all ends with fun and enjoyment. Nightlife business not only has roadblocks but is also a fun job to do. Hence, love to enjoy what you do.

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Tips For Women Entering the Nightlife Space
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