5 smart ways to choose best location for your restaurant

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A place could take you to the heights or could even turn into dud.
  • Charu Sharma
Restaurant India

Starting a restaurant business is no less than a herculean task.Today everybody wants to open a restaurant from garment trader to global merchant. In a market where everybody wants to open a restaurant there are few things which restaurateurs have to keep in mind before starting up the business which includes cuisine, ambience, quality, services and location. Choosing a happening place could help restaurateurs keep an upper hand in the market. A happening place would grant you with happening consumers. Not everyone belongs to everywhere. Same, not every place is for restaurant. It is really difficult than some people think it might. A place could take you to the heights or could even turn into dud. Like, how would you reach to the consumers if it’s not in the right place? No consumers mean No business. It is as straight as that. Here are some ideas which restaurateurs should keep in mind before starting a business.

  • You need to be in limelight: Obviously, a restaurant should be visible. People could only reach there if they can see that. Setting up a restaurant nearby a traffic place or college campus would be great. Advertising your restaurant by placing boards or you can make an eye-candy logo so that people could figure out their next stop to dine in.
  • Be decisive but not impulsive: You may like a place on first sight, that’s pretty normal. But remember choosing a place is not that easy. Visit few places, look for more options, check out your competitors’ ambience and location and visit different restaurant sites daily. Check out if the area is filled with crowd or not? If it’s safe enough that people could visit the area to satiate their palates without any second thought. As we mentioned above, it’s not as easy as some people think but hard work pays off.
  • Keep the Concept and Budget in mind: This is also one of the important factors when you look out for a location. You must keep the concept in mind. Restaurants like Red Robbins and Olive Garden’s location purely depend on their concept. Location should suit the concept, like if you are going to open a cafe’, a fine-dine or a bistro; this strengthens the brand. You also have to take your budget with you. Prime locations and crowded spaces would definitely be expensive as compare to less crowded locations. You need to go with whatever suits you. Also, if you’re renting the space for restaurant, you should be mindful about the lease agreement.
  • Grab your Target Audience: You have your concept ready then you must have known about your target audience. Watch out the demographics; once you have decided whom you are going to serve (college students or people with high pay roll perhaps?) Restaurateurs have to research about the place where they would get their target audience, about the demographics so often to keep the hold in industry.
  • Offer them Convenience: People today have become convenient. They do not want to do much struggle, not for finding a restaurant at least. They just search for restaurants on their smart phones and walk in. In this convenient friendly generation, restaurateurs’ need to play smart and offer them convenience, like a spacious parking space. It could add bonus to the location. Also, it should be accessible in a way that consumer do not has to cross five high-ways to reach there. It should be easily accessible. So, these are few points one must keep in mind before deciding a location for setting up a restaurant. Once you’ve found the perfect place, it met your expectations then secure it and get started with the business but make sure to keep on checking the trends in the market.
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