5 Menu Designing Trends to Follow in 2023 for 5-star Hotels

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By paying attention to the trends in your menu, you can see what people are most frequently purchasing and focus on that style of food or flavour.
  • Jerson Fernandes Culinary Director, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach
Menu Design

With an effort to keep up with the ever-evolving trends, it becomes a necessity for restaurateurs to adapt to them as well. This involves changing the menu to suit the current taste and preferences, the interior decor of the restaurant, including the kitchen, or even taking to certain cafe trends such as housing board games and offering the space for events such as open mics, trivia nights, or social dancing nights.

But the most important change that customers seek is of the menu. Everyone wants their taste buds satisfied, but not everyone has the same taste palate. So it becomes imperative for the menu to consist of a variety of cuisines and diet preferences. Especially in the case of 5 star hotels, whose reputations precede their name. So, below are some of the key trends being followed in the year 2023:

Menu Design: More often than not, restaurateurs do not realise that the best menu is the one kept simple. The more focus given on the dishes and their descriptions, the easier the readability and hence the faster it is to make a choice. This is also why only plain and simple fonts should be used, and the menu template should be kept minimal.

Understand Consumer Psychology: It will be interesting for you to know that contradictory to how we generally read, i.e. from left to right, menu readers tend to first concentrate their attention to the middle parts of the page, before moving on to the other sides. This is known as “The Golden Triangle.” So our takeaway from this should be to place the most important dishes in the middle, and the rest on the top and bottom.

Spotlight menu items with sketches: Although the aforementioned point stated that the menu should be kept simple, a few sketches will only add to the minimalist nature of the menu. This isn’t to say that you can add them to your liberty as you please, but using it in place of pictures, and only a few spread neatly throughout the menu, is a good idea. This could be done for a number of reasons, for example, if you do not have appetising pictures of your food and/or prefer to keep it subtle.

Don’t shy away from using colours: It has been psychologically proven that certain colours tend to trigger and elicit certain responses in human beings. For example, red is known to remind the readers of meat, while people associate blue with water, thus making them hungry and thirsty respectively. So instead of just being playful with the menu colours, play smart.

Follow Food Trends: Food trends are ever-changing and the menu should always be adept to them. Ensuring you’re at par with your competitors, while your market research is up to date will really make you stand out. Lebanese and Asian food have gained momentum of late and how. While including dishes from these cuisines, also remember to stock up on seasonal fruits to use in inventive and progressive dishes, to entice consumers. Moreover, 2023 has been proclaimed the international year of Millets, so millets should certainly be the hero ingredient in varied dishes.

Overall, a good menu should consist of a right balance between the classics, latest food trends, contemporary dishes, lost recipes, variety of cuisines and food for kids and elders. By paying attention to the trends in your menu, you can see what people are most frequently purchasing and focus on that style of food or flavour. A menu is a visual representation of your brand and should be carefully curated with the right mix of dishes, varieties, pricing, offers etc.

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