5 Beverages Trend businesses will adopt in 2021

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Calorie reduction is becoming important for beverages brand as customers are now looking at health as a spectrum when choosing a beverages.
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The pandemic has made everyone relook at the business model by way of size, structure, venue and pricing. As restaurants are re-opening, they are looking at the bottom line very strongly, keeping in mind that there will be lot of stress         on the compliance in the future. Be it food or beverages, they are working on everything from scratch. We see that people are going back to their roots, nostalgia is driving the business and love for homegrown, local brand is driving innovation. Talking to experts in the sectors Restaurant India came with this five beverages trend that will continue to rule restaurant and food menu in 2021:

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Nostalgia and ethical brand strategies: A celebration of love for all things desi, every brands are innovating themselves to fill customers with happy nostalgia and gratifying flavours. Bringing together elements that our uniquely Indian palate knows, loves and enjoys, restaurants and food brands are coming up with drinks that has a connect, story.  Similarly, Mumbai’s local beverage brand Missus Sippi regales tales of hundred such parched memories from almost every regional kitchen in India. Not just a beverage delivery kitchen, Missus Sippi is a nostalgia mixologist that actualises the power of childhood memory into every 300 ml bottle it serves.

Support for local homegrown brands: We have seen that 2020 has seen lots of new, small players opening their doors for customers. Also, we have seen many small cloud-kitchen, delivery brands in the beverages space who did a remarkable job by standing true to customer trust and recognition. Brands like Amul, paperboat to name a few have launched drinks suiting the palate and demand during the pandemic. Many new start-ups also ventured serving low calorie, organic and healthy drinks.  

Focus will be on product packaging and innovation: Packaging plays an important role in customer’s decision making. It is one single driver for the sale of a beverage brand that makes it different from its competitor. The packaging needs to be protective, is convenient, should tell a story and communicate different parameters regarding nutritional benefits, MRP, its content etc and also has a market value.

Growth of low calorie drinks: Calorie reduction is becoming important for beverages brand as customers are now looking at health as a spectrum when choosing a beverages. Hence, we have seen a sudden rise of low calorie drink makers, organic and health tea brands, smoothie players, cold-pressed juice brands etc.

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Role of ecommerce would be vital in the make or break of this industry: Covid-19 pandemic has changed the whole dimension of food business. Not just restaurants but beverages brands have also entered into the delivery space making it easier for their customer to enjoy their favourite drink at the comfort of their home.

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