5 Food Trends that will Change the Food Service Game

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Demand for eating out places has also risen up taking the dining count to at least 6-7 times a month.
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India’s food and beverages (F&B) industry is growing at a rapid pace of 10% from USD 48 Bn in 2016 to reach USD 77 Bn by 2021, says NRAI Food Service report. With increasing number of workforce in corporate and IT sector, demand for eating out places has also risen up taking the dining count to at least 6-7 times a month. For this, restaurants are coming up with diverse options to cater to these new customers’ that are not only looking for an exotic dining options but healthy options too. Customers are also more aware about various cuisines and want mix a mix of global and local cuisine at their dining table. Restaurant industry found these five trends really catching up fast in the market which will change the meaning of the whole eating scenario:

Globalisation will change the dining scene: Globalisation is not just the buzzword in Indian food service playground but it is going to remain the main flavor of the season. There is lots of happening in the industry with entry of new global brands and trends. Waffles, pancakes and bakery is making a new wave into the market all thanks to new age customers who are very aspirational when eating out and they prefer their food from global market.

Go Digital: Digital wave is not just happening in the food sector but across retail platforms. More and more people are relying on app and online mode for food orderings and choice. Also, it is not limited to placing the order anymore; one can also track and customize their order digitally. In years to come we are going to see several new food ventures in the digital space in terms of apps and more.

Regional Is no more Indian: Food is all about connect, an emotional connect that binds to you to a region. Every person has got their own food habits and palate promoting regional Indian cuisine at the global level. “I also see much more of regional Indian cuisine coming into the foreground,” shares Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who has done a great work in promoting Indian cuisine at global level.  

It’s all about Presentation: How much food pleases you with your eye? A tasty and delicious food presented well is always an eye catcher for the diner. These days’ people post their food experience first on social platforms before tasting the actual food. So, the food coupled of course with the beauty of modern plating and technique will change the market.

Health and Beauty go hand in hand: Health food trends will be a big thing, like they have been in the past few years and rightly so!

Hence, we can say that the industry is going through an exciting phase where country’s private finals consumption expenditure accounts for 60% of the total GDP and is predicted to reach USD 2.4 trillion by 2021. Driven by change in lifestyle, adaptation of new cultures, awareness about global trends and keenness about experimentation there is a room for every segment in India.

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