5 Benefits of Adding Music to Restaurant Business

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India’s food and beverages (F&B) industry is growing at a rapid pace of 10% from USD 48 billion in 2016 to reach USD 77 billion by 2021, says NRAI Food Service report.
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Music has played an important role in life but have you ever wondered how music can change the way we see it!

For a restaurant business, music is considered more than the décor and slightly less important than the food it serves. When it comes to making business successful, music has been proved to be a boon, especially in restaurant business.

One might not even notice the tune or wordings of the music played in the background while in a restaurant, but it surely makes a difference.

India’s food and beverages (F&B) industry is growing at a rapid pace of 10% from USD 48 billion in 2016 to reach USD 77 billion by 2021, says NRAI Food Service report.

Today, the industry is going through an exciting phase where country’s private final consumption expenditure accounts for 60% of the total GDP and is predicted to reach USD 2.4 trillion by 2021.

It works as an appetizer:                                  

Listening to the noise of cutleries, while your order is yet to come, develops a sense of irritation which leads to disinterest in the food, so when music is played, it suppresses the noise of plates and spoons from the ambience, it keeps the interest of the customer intact.

Music also helps in holding the curiosity for the food ordered by the customer; more or less it works as an appetizer.

Makes the customer chew faster:

Studies have shown that slow tempo music has resulted in patrons spending more time during their restaurant visits. However when patrons are exposed to upbeat restaurant music, the number of bites and sips per minute increases, which makes the customer order more food and drinks, while enjoying the music.

Drinks cost a lot more than food items and people order more of drinks when they are in an aura, of loud music. Even posh crowd love to have their favorite expensive glass of wines, while swaying with softer notes.

Keeps the employee energized to work happily:

Studies have also shown that when music is playing in the background, the brain secretes dopamine, which triggers the adrenaline hormone and lets people work more. So music also helps in making the staff work more that too happily.

Staff which are constantly serving, cleaning tables, taking orders need to be active and happy, music helps in driving them active and happy.

Happy staff, happy customer, what more can a business ask for being successful. Thus music is considered more than just a décor.

Keeps the customer engaged:

The chef or whosoever is preparing the food, ordered by the customer needs certain time span to prepare it and place it on the table for the customer. If the restaurant happens to be crowded, there are high chances of making the customer leave and look for other options, which is where role of live music comes into play.

Live music, where the artists are playing or simply an artist playing an instrument adds a lot to the colors of the restaurant, moreover it will keep the customer engaged till a level that he/she won’t even realize their waiting time. Even the customer won’t mind paying extra tip for the pleasant experience.

Sets the mood right:

Food is a therapy for four sensory organs and music adds to the left one. So a combination of good food and good music releases happy hormones in people; a happy customer is the key to successful food business.

“With growing number of workforce in corporate and IT sector, demand for eating out has also risen up. Restaurants are coming up with diverse options from exotic dining options to healthy options. Customers are also more aware about various cuisines and want mix of both home food options to street food options,” says Pariekshit Madishetty, MD, Grid Logic Hotels and Resorts.

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