4 Things to Keep in Mind while Designing your Restaurant

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An efficient planning with apt highlights harmoniously distributed across the entire layout, draws the image of a consistent design panorama, and thus never fails to impress the imminent user.
  • Ar. Abhigyan Neogi Founder, Chromed Design Studio

The updated acumen of global residents have caused a pragmatic change in the urban facades that curate the metropolitan envisaged around us. From residential to commercial complexes, all primary spaces that govern the daily lives of individuals, have witnessed diversifying changes that have resulted in trend setting stalwarts for design. The hospitality sector too has been a part of this paradigm shift, with the evolution of people’s taste towards spaces they desire to spend moments of frolic or respite. The key notion that plays the requisite trick for such arenas is primarily connected to being exclusive in the design concept that is portrayed and has a strong sense of being aesthetically unprecedented and unparalleled to any other diner of the same cadre. 

Clarity on the genre of audience: Every genre of diner has a specific category of audience that it desires to charm, with the incorporated design typology and décor. Thus, it is integral to conclude with the concept and aesthetic appeal as per the admissible crowd. For patrons of opulence, schemes instilled with accents of gold and royal shades of maroon, work the drill; whereas with a bar/pub targeting the millennials, the composition has to impart the essence of ecstasy and euphoria through quirky lights, bold graphical representations and innovation illustrated through the details of design. This primary decision making will assist any architect or designer to lay the first stone of a successful strategy with much ease and competence.

A definitive design language: Any poignant interior design schema elucidates its narrative in a distinct language. It does not aim to confuse the user with any supplementary ideas that might astray the accentuation. For instance, in one of our recently completed projects ‘Kampai’, the theme was required to possess a Japanese neo-classical portrayal. Every detail instilled in that design complies with this conceived ideology including; the Noren curtains, kosithshu booths and the traditional furniture utilised. Yet another project titled ‘Prankster’ revolves around the reminiscent memories of college days. Hence, spaces that resembled practical laboratories, libraries with lighting formulated in the form of conglomerated books and hostel with bunk beds for furniture; were chosen to be utilised.

User-interactive: Being residents of the ‘Social media’ age, it is almost needless to say that the designed composition should include certain assets that can do its needful rounds in the newsfeed. It may be in the format of a generic ‘Selfie point’ or an arena that requires interaction of the audience with backstage stories. In the above mentioned project ‘Kampai’, an open sushi counter does the drill. It provides a small sneak peek into the master’s craft while keeping the audience on their toes. ‘Toyroom’, a project of international fame, had pieces of furniture sheathed with miniature mascots of the brand to serve the requisites of the label name and supplement the pictorial buzz on the internet.

Attention to residual spaces: Along with consolidating all innovative efforts on the integral spaces of hospitality design, it is pertinent to design the connecting spaces like corridors & entrance pathways with an equal amount of intricacy. This aids in maintaining the patron’s interest in the concept even while traversing his way across from one sector to another. LED Lights composed as words on the ceiling of the entrance passage and artistic displays of pop-artists as wall graffiti, serves as the mentioned ideology in ‘Toyroom’. An efficient planning with apt highlights harmoniously distributed across the entire layout, draws the image of a consistent design panorama, and thus never fails to impress the imminent user.

With the increasing number of options becoming available each day to the residents, it is imperative to be able to establish an impactful set-up, that remains etched with indelible ink. A well-weaved architectural endeavour, with a concoction of certain glistening factors, is apt brew that works its way through the audience and stands the test of time, with ease.

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