4 Keys to Designing your Restaurant's Menu

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Adding descriptions to the dishes is also helpful while designing your restaurant’s menu.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

It would be safe to say that restaurants have passed the stage of gymic and drama in food and are more focused on real food today. Not only this restaurateurs and chefs also feel that today the food experience is delivered by being honest to the diners, true and kind to the nature, focusing on complete wellness and not just health through food, and being clean and fair in terms of food safety and food hygiene. And, hence menu designing has become an integral part of restaurant business. Restaurants, big or small, these days are coming up with chef special menu and chef recommended menu. This is also known as the ‘eye magnets’.

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As customer also like attention he is also on the lookout what the chef recommends. Meanwhile, adding descriptions to the dishes is also helpful while designing your restaurant’s menu. Also, a bit of trend can also add your menu sustain for longer in this fast evolving food business.

Feedback is important: While designing your restaurant’s menu always listen to your customer. You can do a survey on what your customer like and what he dislikes. This will be very helpful while designing a new menu. “We listen to our guests a lot. For instance, we had a lot of guests asking for better vegetarian options. Hence, the menu now has a reasonably wide variety of vegetarian options,” shared Irfan Pabaney, Country Head, SodaBottleOpenerWala.

Chef’s Recommendation is Good: People always look out for some special dish in the menu or chefs recommendation or vision on certain food items. You can suggest your guests on such items on the menu. “For the most part, it's about gut and experience. It has to be about the chef and his vision, but within a certain set of parameters,” added Pabaney.

Healthiness is the Card: Nutrition and healthiness in the food is very impoartnat today. Customers these days are not just settling for fancy foods but they want to know the source of these food items and where does it come from. They are equally aware about its impact on society and environment. Hence, they are looking out for more sustainable products. “Currently nutrition, wellness and sustainability are the three key factors in my mind while I am making a menu,” said Sabyasachi Gorai, Chef and Owner at Lavaash by Saby.

Regional, Seasonal is Trending: Regional food has always made news and people have always chosen food according to their taste and region. One may eat or try some new cuisine but at the end they would return to their own ‘Ghar ka Khana’. Hence, even restaurants like Indian Accent is focusing a lot on regional and local produce. “Our menu is based on regional, seasonal and local availability with lots of modern twist,” said Manish Mehrotra, Corporate Chef , Indian Accent.

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