4 Marketing Strategies to take on the New Age Customers

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Born with the digital influence, Gen Z is expected to challenge even the savviest restaurant marketer.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
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In last few years India has seen an upsurge in the young and dynamic diners who are more experiential and spontaneous in nature.  Being one of the youngest countries in the world where one-third of the population is young and energetic there is so much for the restaurant owners to lure these customers into their restaurants. According to a report by ConsumerLab, India has around 200 million children under the age of 18, and 69 million of them reside in urban areas. Born and brought up in a very urban landscape this generation has a very different childhood to the one their parents experienced.  And, surprisingly 40 percent of these people regularly dine out at expensive and popular restaurants.

It doesn’t end here, these generations not only have the daunting number but also they have become one of the largest consumer base contributing to the dining scenario. Born with the digital influence, Gen Z is expected to challenge even the savviest restaurant marketer.

Endless to say, they are much more than the tradition, they know their own means of entertainment and Smartphone is their next complete world. Here are four best tactics that work when marketing your brand to this go-to generation.

Make your Brand Social:  There is no doubt that this generation is a born marketer and are born in the smart age and hence they are very choosy about brands and ‘lack brand loyalty’. To pursue them you need to make your brand popular on social media. Post recipes, photos, and offers that lure them to your restaurant’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page to get a follower in them.

Always be Impromptu: Always available online, this generation knows what quickness means. They are a call or a text away from their peers. A restaurant has to respond to their queries and questions in a timely manner...else you have lost your customer as they are very frisky about their choice. One day they might eat at a sandwich place and the other day they would look for a nice coffee shop or a wine bar.

Break the Monotony: Like their parents and siblings who were born before 1996, they are no more attracted towards traditional and old age medium of communication. This generation can’t imagine a life without a smartphone. Hence, a restaurant has to come with different ways to market their young customers’ wherein they may launch a certain app and ordering platforms to get at their fingertips.

Do it Instant:  They are one of those impulsive buyers who like to do it within a flash of seconds. Focused and always in hurry, these fellow loves quick, on-the-go and snack-sized bites.

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