3 Key Points to Remember While Setting Up a Food Truck

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Although embedded in the food industry since decades the concept has become a fad among budding restaurateurs.
  • Shahram Warsi
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Inspired from the international food industry, the concept of food truck has taken the Indian F&B industry by storm. In fact, it’s hard to roam around nowadays without seeing a food truck business on the way.

Although embedded in the food industry since decades the concept has become a fad among budding restaurateurs. It is one of the best ways for the restaurants to save money on choosing a location for their venture with the advantage of directly approaching their customers.

“Food truck despite being in the food industry since ages, people is showing great curiosity towards this particular model. The response we are getting is unexplainable and we are more enthusiastic than ever towards providing them with something new and different every time they visit us,” says Rajat Chandan, Chef at Flavour Hub.

Keeping the Basic Right: It is very essential to keep the basics in mind while running such a food model. Food truck business is very different from regular restaurants as they are mobile followed by the independence of reaching to your customers without waiting for them to visit your front door. But with the difference, there are many similarities between these two models which the restaurateurs must remember as they are the key aspects for sustaining in the food business. Food truck has to be top notch in their service followed by consistency in terms of food, and service,.

Finding the Right Truck and Equipment: There various shapes and sizes of food trucks in the market. It is better to start with a used truck if you are new into the business. It is better to go for a used one before shifting the gear to next level buying a whole new food truck with great equipments. Equipments are in fact the most crucial thing while setting up a model like this. Your equipments will decide the specialty of your food which is going to be served at your truck.

Keeping the Track of Licenses, Permits and other Legal Requirements: First and foremost it is extremely important to remember that a food truck is, after all, a vehicle, so getting its insurance is a must. It is essential for insuring your food truck to avoid any future problems which can come in the way of the business. Secondly, there are permits for every city or location which the owner has to take for operating in that specific region. Some areas have strict rules where only a limited number of food truck is allowed in a given region. Thus, it is really difficult for new brands to establish itself with already existing food trucks in the region according to the permits of cities,” shares Ashish Sajnani, Owner, Eat N Run. The requirements are very simple considering things like parking area; one should look for an area where they can park their truck.

Despite of being there since ages, it still comes with a lot of opportunities for the restaurateurs. Having a unique product to offer while knowing the demand of that specific product will surely work in your favor making you taste the flavor of success.  

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