100% Whole Wheat Flour, 50% Natural Fruits - This Brand’s New Range Blends Health With Taste

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Breads made from the Puravita range of bakery mixes have improved nutritional value, are rich in fibres and minerals and contain limited salt.
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Based on a recent Taste Tomorrow 2019 Survey, a global study conducted across 40 countries with over 17,000 consumers, people are placing more and more importance on consciously consuming healthy food which confirms that health and well being continues to be an important trend in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry.  It is a trend that will continue to accumulate traction.

People want their food to contain ingredients which are natural and have an added nutritional value. Multigrain and seeded bread provide just the experience consumers are looking for with regard to taste and texture. Embracing the latest needs of consumers for relevance, authenticity and naturalness, Puratos India’s Puravita and Topfil Range of products offers vitality by bringing the taste, health and well-being only grains, seeds and fruits can offer.

Puratos is a Belgium-based MNC with local subsidiaries in about 68 countries. Puratos Products are manufactured in more than 58 plants spread over 5 continents and sold in over 100 countries. Puratos India was established in 2008 in Mumbai, India. It manufactures and supplies a wide range of quality and innovative ingredients for bakery, patisserie and chocolate businesses. It also offers marketing tools and solutions to identify and suit the needs of customers and encourages excellence through training, demonstrations and exchange of ideas in its Innovation Centers. 

Bread made from the Puravita range of bakery mixes have improved nutritional value, are rich in fibres and minerals, contain limited salt making them a perfect contribution to a healthy balanced diet filled with mouth-watering elements for taste. The Puravita range has three bread mixes – Easy Puravita Multigrain, Easy Puravita Brown Bread and Easy Puravita Whole Wheat.

Easy Puravita Multigrain mix contains an exclusive blend of 11 carefully selected seeds and grains which provide a perfect harmony between taste and nutrition. This versatile bread mix can be used for making pizzas, focaccia bread, snack bread and many more. Easy Puravita Whole Wheat as the name suggests is made from 100 % whole wheat flour making it, a good source of essential nutrients, a healthier product in line with the global market trend of Health and Well-being. Easy Puravita Brown Bread mix is a bread pre-mix made of malt flour and whole wheat, which makes it a source of dietary fibres.

Puratos India’s Topfil range of fruit fillings is another pivotal innovation that contains up to 50% of natural fruit, giving customers the nutrition of fresh and juicy fruits. The range of delicious fruit fillings is ready-to-use and meets the most demanding requirements of professionals by being freeze-thaw stable. Available in Topfil Cherry, Topfil Blueberry and Topfil Pineapple, it is the perfect solution for professionals looking to offer more natural and healthy, yet tasty food to their consumers. 

Health and well-being will continue to be a major factor which will test the scope of innovation in the bakery and patisserie industry. With the Puravita range and Topfil range, Puratos India enables you to respond to customer demands for healthier products combined with a delectable taste.

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